Friday, July 8, 2011

Wizard City Protectors Unite!, They Have Descended, and Nature's Wrath

Hey guys, Edward Lifegem has made a new group called the "Wizard City Protectors." I am in it. We will say to those trolls that w101 is a friendly family game, and the bad things they say won't be accepted. We wear green and black clothing, holds badge "Wizard City Protector", and are equipped with a green and black dragon. Please join so we can defend Wizard City against the evils. WC Protectors will absolutely dispel the bad behavior that is going on in WC. I hope we can accomplish it. 

Heroic Picture of the Day: Nicholas Lionrider of Lionrider King, Talon Thunderblade, and Edward Lifegem. Ed did not expect this much people to join, but he accepted it.

Now you see. Then we chanted, "Wizard City Protectors!"

Nicholas Lionrider, Talon Thunderblade, Mark Stormhunter, and Vanessa Emeraldglade. You're probably wondering where we are. At Vanessa's underground awesome MFP.

Green and black clothing and Dragon pet, except that one there at the right...Wizard City Protectors, Unite!!
Apart from that, that golem I was talking about was for the level 12 spell quest, Arlen Dawneyes also told me this.

*activates Golem*

I needed this spell for a long time. Life really needs a solid hit spell.

Two legendary fire henchmen? Really? In MB? Not necessary.
Also, Fairy Wings have descended into the Spiral. These mounts were requested by wizards, and it has been done. Colors of mount includes purple, orange, and blue. I might get the blue one for my Ice wizard, Magnificent. Get your Patriotic Leprechaun while you're there because it will be leaving in a day or two.
Anyway, please defend WC because bad wizards are not needed in the Spiral. Join WC Protectors.

Shelby Rose: Quetzalcoatl ate spaghetti with Queen Elizabeth II.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade (There's a tab for all the Shelby Rose Quotes :)


  1. Woah, housing question here. What is that sun banner thing in the second MFP picture. There is the moon banner thing, that's a crafted item, but then there is a sun version. Where do you get that?

  2. x grabs black and green robes out of bank x I SHALL JOIN YOUR RANKS!

  3. Nice work, Talon! I love reading your posts.
    WCP is a perfect group and is an example to wizards!

  4. Nice work, Talon! I love reading your posts.
    WCP is a perfect group and is an example to wizards!

  5. @Anon, it is called sun banner you need to craft it.

    @Mythical Swords, Thank you and glad you like my posts. You do realize that you posted your commented twice, right?-Thunderblade


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