Thursday, December 22, 2011

12 Days of Wizards Christmas 2011 Guide

Hey readers, this is a post on the 12 Days of Wizards, where KI gave us something new and exciting since the 9th. It is supposed to be similar to the Christmas song "12 Days of Christmas". This is a record of the 12 Days of Wizards. KI did edit the 12 days to 13 days. So it is the 13 Days of Christmas.

On the first day...
Charity Chrismoose Mount
This was the charity mount for two organizations, Austin Children's Shelter and Children's Medical Center at Legacy. Moose mount has 40% speed.

On the second day...
Winter Holiday Poetry Contest
Poem had to be a winter/holiday theme, appropriate, and exactly 8 lines. The top 10 Facebook poems and top 10 Staff favorites are elligible for a Super Bundle. The overall winning poem receives 60,000 crowns and a mystery holiday pet.

On the third day...
Color Light Strand

Housing item was a promotional gift only on the third day. This could be bought in the Crowns Shop for 375 Crowns or 1,875 Gold.

On the fourth day...
Mega Snack, Wyvern, and Dragon's Hoard pack 50% off

The Mega Snack Pack and the Hoard packs were available for 50% only on the fourth day.

On the fifth day...
Artic Ninja Pig Pet

A new exclusive holiday pet that was 40% off for a limited time.

On the sixth day...
18 New Holiday Housing Decorations
Could be purchased in the Crowns Shop for either Crowns or Gold.

On the seventh day...
Free Snowman Transformation

On the eighth day...
Candy Cane Mounts
These were six Candy Cane mounts that came in six different colors with a speed increase of 40%.

On the ninth day...
Mystery Email Discount
This was a mystery coupon where KI sent an email that was good from 10%-50% off the entire cart purchase before tax.

On the tenth day...
Free Silent Night Cap

On the eleventh day...
Holiday Tree Boon Plant
 Available in the Crowns Shop. Will not reseed at elder stage. 

On the twelth day...
50% off on Selected Mounts
Selected mounts were Nightflame Pegasus, Skyracer Pegasus, Seraph Wings, Bat Wings, Swiftshadow Wings, and Enchanted Broom only on that day.

On the thirteenth day...
Snowball Pet
May cast "Snowball Strike".
Snowball Strike.png

I hoped this helped you guys. And yes, I need to post more often, I've just been really busy...

Shelby Rose: Frosty the red-nosed angel wanted to let it snow.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chrismoose in the Spiral!

Meet the 2011
Wizard101 Charity Chrismoose!

Available for a limited time, the Chrismoose mount will directly benefit two organizations devoted to helping children: the Austin Children's Shelter and Children's Medical Center at Legacy.

This loveable moose carries your Wizard around the Spiral 40% faster... even if he is loaded down with presents! Hurry and catch him during the holiday season, because this is one moose that won't be around forever.

Yeah, I dressed to the nines. I shall name thee... CHRIS. (Thanks, Sierra.) He has a red nose!

It's so cute how those playtpus people dance and the volcano pops up ^_^

Then there's a poem contest, 2nd day of Wizards! It sounds fun. You can win a Super Bundle if you are one of out of 20 in 10 Facebook poems and 10 Staff favorites combined. And on December 21, KI will announce the overall winning poem of. That person will win 60,000 crowns and a mystery Holiday pet.

Shelby Rose: Lava flow in the biome of humidity!

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Felix Navidad

It's Christmas in the Spiral and Felix Navidad is here with the Yuletide Spirit! Has is snowed in your region yet?

It costs 3000 crowns and gives a Seraph item card, vendored by this Felix or in the Crowns Shop. 

Well, I got in the Christmas "spirit" and bought the rest of the Santa outfit, the robe, hat, and staff. I bought boots last year. So I toured around the Spirit for icy views in my Santa outfit. I even had a reindeer.

I have no idea what I'm doing for the holidays, but I will definitely work on Zafaria.

It looks like I have wings.


I took just this see how the Christmas Elf looks like in mid-air.

Heroic Picture of the Day.

Christmas and Fire Elf under the Christmas tree with Santa!

Icy vortex much?

Another jump by Lord Hunter.

I'm just really fond of the glamorous views KI provides us. ^_^

OH OH OH! (HO HO HO [lol]) I recently ordered LMFAO Party Rock white frames, blue animal print pants, and shufflin' shirts! Yeah, I spent a lot on it, BUT THEY LOOK SO COOL. And then I'll wear them to school! Singing and dancing...

Anyway, Nick Lionrider found a go-thru-walls in the shopping district, which he had a friend he teleported during a glitch.

What do you think?

Shopping District, that's what's inside those stores.


On the edge...

Take a picture!

Yes, I procrastinate a lot -_-. I still need to do the wizard drawings and the contest maze party thing. It'll probably be this month. Also, I havent seen an increase of followers. So I would like YOU to follow this blog to keep me going! I'd like to reach 60 by the end of 2011.

Shelby Rose: Treacherous goats drove a blimp to Mt. Fuji.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Plant-a-Palooza and 3 Badges earned


Save Up to 50% OFF
all Seeds & Gardening Related Items

Ready to grow your green thumb in Wizard101? From now until December 8th, enjoy Plant-a-Palooza for all of your gardening needs!

We're reducing the prices on all seeds & gardening items up to 50% off. Not only that, but we've got a brand new plant for you - The Ivy League. We're also bringing back an old holiday favorite... the Happy Holidaisy!

Don't miss out on this huge gardening sale!

Eh, I'll get back gardening then. See what they drop.

I was 8,000 xp from level 62. The closest thing was the runestone quest in Wintertusk. I had two runestones left, and I got one quickly one from Austrilund, which left the Nastrond runestone. So I today, I did half of the dungeon.

And that is such an overkill.

Yup, I leveled up to 62.

Earning Master Historian and Hero of Grizzleheim. Now I'm really thankful that now I can wear that instead of "Hero of Marleybone" or "Hero of Pegasus Place". Hero of GH is where you complete ALL the quests in Grizzleheim AND Wintertusk.

Now THAT is the Heroic Picture of the Day.

Then I got "Bear Bouncer" ^^

Shelby Rose: Our exhaustive use of test does not exhaust Steve.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade