It's So Hot!

     This page is dedicated to my dear friend Victoria Spiritblossom, an awesome friend mine joking and talking about heat and Doctor Who (and sonics and daleks). We made these jokes back and forth to each other because of the boredom and heat. Enjoy because it's so hot to do anything else, but to read this fantastic heat jokes. Victoria and I will update these jokes. Half of credit goes to her, and other half to me.

It's so hot, I saw an Amish guy buying an air conditioner.

It's so hot, I saw a chicken lay a fried egg.

It's so hot, I saw two men fight over a tree.'

It's so hot, people are drinking hot chocolate to cool off.

It's so hot, Chuck Norris blinked and tears came out.

It's so hot, I saw an anorexic eat some ice cream. She almost had a second spoonful!

It's so hot, bears don't hibernate. In the winter.

It's so hot, the lock on a mime's invisible box melted, and he really was stuck inside it.

It's so hot, my string cheese turned into melted cheese.

It's so hot, that if you order a steak cooked rare, the waiter says, "Tough luck. The cows were already well done when they got here,"

It's so hot, my chocolate fondue strawberry splitted back to just chocolate and strawberry.

It's so hot, a 10 dollar bill went to 200 nickels.

It's so hot, the snow cone shop converted into a community swimming pool then got sued for steam burns.

It's so hot, that my sonic notification broke my fan that was cooling me off.

It's so hot, fire bosses jeered at the misery ice bosses. (No offense ice wizzies.)

It's so hot, when a wizard summoned a phoenix it said, "Forget this, it's too dang hot," and left.

It's so hot, it made Ellen Degeneres straight.

It's so hot, instead of buying an ice cream, I bought the truck instead.

It's so hot, people are stuck inside writing dumb weather jokes. (Like Victoria and me.)

It's so hot, when I was reading a book the pages turned into ashes.

It's so hot, the heat wave sweeping the nation is what Willis is talking about.

It's so hot, Waldo came out of hiding to buy an air conditioner.

It's so hot, the library won't let anyone in because when the doors open, the books spontaneously combust.

It's so hot, Chuck Norris had to buy an air conditioner.

It's so hot, Chuck Norris finally started to sweat from roundhouse kicking.

It's so hot, not even awesome-sauce can cool it down.

It's so hot, people are eating ghost chilies to cool off.

It's so hot, FDR once said, "There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. And the heat."

It's so hot, I started to have spontaneous combustion.

It's so hot, we're too lazy make antoher heat joke.

It's so hot, even a freakishly cold shower coudln't cool me.

It's so hot, ice magic didn't work on me.

It's so hot, Falmea had to go on vacation in Wintertusk.

It's so hot, Firecat Alley turned into Icecat Alley.

It's so hot, Miami Heat team complained about their team name.

It's so hot, a wildfire started from scratch.

It's so hot, the "hot spot" of vacation was Colossus Boulvard and Wintertusk.