Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Views from the Pics

So it's been a while. I hope you readers are still with me. I have been playing this game from time to time but only when I'm free during the holidays or breaks.

Don't worry.

Let's see here...

  • Craft the Celestial Observatory House - check 

    • Level 96 - check
    • Complete Tower of the Helephant, Hades' Tartarus, Azteca - check
    • Death Wizard Cody Dragonrider solo Celestia - check


    As you see, there's a lot of catch up to do, but I am getting there.

    New additions to this game include house magic, monstrology (?) and attack-boosted mounts (ghultures). Tell me what you guys think of those features. I have to praise that Wizard has truly come together in such advanced ways. Though, I feel as if I am never able to catch up and reach the level cap in time and anticipate the next world. It's alright, I'm just taking my time. 

    I have to do note; when I play this beautiful game, I find myself screenshot-ing (often too many times) the wonderful scenery Wizard has to offer. As I quest, there are a few areas around the spiral that are just breathtaking. Here are some Views from the Pics ft. Talon and Cody. 

    "Falling" for these views 

    Itching to get the Olympian Bundle. Can't wait for Bundle-a-Palooza in September

    When you meet your favorite iconic duo


    (Yeah so I stole Zeus's lightning bolts)

    One bee in a turtleneck sweater. 

    Look at Zeus's face. He looks so done with our crap.

    So the next time you venture the spiral, appreciate the gorgeous and luxurious vistas the game has implemented.

    Happy Summer!
    -Talon Thunderblade

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