Monday, September 10, 2012

Majestic Bundle!

A week or two ago, I bought the Majestic Bundle.

And may I add, it has such a wonderful, splendid - MAGNIFICENT house. The interior and exterior is huge, beautiful, and full of surprises. I can't really show you anything yet because I'm currently working on it, but I will show you a tour when it's finished. Despite the repeating strange beast pet from the Knight's Lore pack, the Arthurian Dragon mount saved it. It's a two-person mount. What's strange is that it's called "Malorian Dragon" in the game. I give the gear a score of 7/10 because A) It doesn't give accuracy and not enough defense B) Armor piercing is unnecessary C) Cards aren't that good.

170 Health, 6% Attack, 2% Defense, 3% Incoming,  1% Outgoing

240 Heatlh, 9% Attack, 2% Defense, 5% Incoming, 1% Outgoing

345 Health, 2% PP, 15% Attack, 3% Defense, 6% Incoming, 2% Outgoing

510 Health, 8% PP, 19% Attack, 5% Defense, 8% Incoming, 3% Outgoing

580 Health, 9% PP, 2% Armor Piercing, 15 Critical, 30 Block, 20% Attack, 6% Defense, 9% Incoming, 3% Outgoing

690 Health, 11% PP. 3% Armor Piercing, 20 Critical, 43 Block, 25% Attack, 6% Defense, 9% Incoming, 4% Outgoing

800 Health, 14%PP, 4% Armor Piercing, 25 Critical, 55 Block, 27% Attack, 8% Defense, 9% Incoming, 4% Outgoing

960 Health, 17% PP, 4% Armor Piercing, 35 Critical, 70 Block, 30% Attack, 9% Defense, 11% Incoming, 5% Outgoing

1100 Health, 19% PP, 5% Armor Piercing, 48 Critical, 91 Block, 33% Attack, 10% Defense, 13% Incoming, 6% Outgoing.

That took a long time to calculate.

Anyway, the reason why the stats are lower than the Waterworks gear is because the Legendary (Waterworks) gear is dropped from a very hard and long dungeon, whereas the bundle gear just gives it to you. The spear is usual. What's intersting is that the card doesn't say it include a Caliburn Tapestry and an additional house elixir. Guess those are just are unnotified bonuses.

Now you might have noticed that I haven't posted anything about my Talon. It's because he's been wearing the Malorian Dragon in the pictures, and I didn't want to show any picutres with the mount until this post was published.

Oh and here's a picture of the dragon

I'll call you Malory.

I did get to have a chat today with my dear friend Rachel Windtalon over at The Helpful Sorcerer. Check it out! What's really ironic is while I talking to her, I didn't realize I was within 20 wizard walking steps within her! It's just those time where you happen to be at the same place and time.

I see her in a battle.

Then I later helped her a boss and see what the (Death) Ninja Pigs look like from a distance. Pretty cool.

Rachel, it was nice talking to you. I hope to see you more around the spiral!

Shelby Rose: Chester knows!
See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade


  1. Woot Talon!!! You're posting again!! I've missed you :D
    Gratz on getting the bundle!!!
    Hope to see you in game soon!


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