Monday, October 24, 2011

Top 10 Favorite Wands

Hey, Spiralites! This day, I would like to share my top10 favorite wands. I'm pretty sure you guys have your faves, but I have my own. Wands include swords and staves as well. Now some of these wands I have and might not have. Let's take a look...

#10 Plague Oni's Sapphire Blade
Plague Sword.jpg

Dropped: Plague Oni
Level: 40+
Cards: 5 Frost Nova Item Cards
Pip: 1 power pip at start of battle

I like this because of it's curvy shape, as well as the telluric teal blue hilt and cobalt escence. I got this blasted sword through Plague's treacherous chest. In fact, it was my first sword and Mooshu wand. I used it all the way to mid-Celestia.

#9 Razorwire Wand
Razorwire Wand.png

Bought: Bazaar
Level: 5+
Cards: 7 Strike Item Cards
Pip: none

I was finding my Doctor Who sonic screwdriver wand, and the only closest thing I could I find was Wand of the Firewind... Until I found this at the Bazaar. I personally think this is really close to both the 10 and 11 Doctor's sonic screwdriver, Razorwire Wand. It's quite cheap actually, this wand.

#8 Staff of the Hopper
Staff of the Hopper.png

Bought/Dropped: Eggbert (Holiday NPC)/Malistaire and Meowiarty (only during Easter Holiday)
Level: 45+
Cards: 5 Major Crusade Item Cards
Pip: 1 power pip at start of battle

Man, I remember when I was a noob, and I REALLY wanted this staff. I was probably level 10 and it was around my birthday. (I wanted this for my birthday.) But I couldn't buy it because I wasn't level 45 (nor had any crowns). So I was to literally wait for a year just to get this staff. I actually got it this year this Easter. I really like the wraps around the staff itself.

#7 Umbra Blade
Wand Umbra Blade.jpg

Bought/Dropped: Beckett Massive issue 20
Level: Any
Cards: 5 Major Chill Item Cards
Pip: none

I was really proud of myself when I won this from a drawing contest at Valerian Nightbringer's. Apparently, he had the code to it, and I could choose if I wanted this or something else. I chose this. Now, this blade resides at my death wizard Cody Dragonrider. You have to admit, the sword looks really sweet. That dragonic hilt...

#6 Viridian Scepter

Bought/Dropped: Beckett Pokemon issue #125
Level: Any
Cards: 5 Major Life Fury Item Cards
Pip: none

I obtained this by actually a friend of mine that was obsessed with pokemon. He was generous enough to give me the code. So before some minor update this wand was really small, you could barely see it. But now it is visible. Now I really like that red bulb that the green ensnares it. As well as the escence and hook that is taking place.

#5 Cerulean Edge
Cerulean Edge.png

Bought/Dropped: Crown Shop/Malistaire
Level: 45+
Cards: 5 Mega Dark Blow Item Cards
Pip: 1 power pip at start of battle

I actually don't have this sword, but when it first came out, it was the best sword in the game. This sword has a nice "edge" to it. The gold blade itself reminds me of mac n cheese, all sparkly. It is actually like the Dragonblade Claw, but different colors. I didn't buy this because by the time I was 50+ I had a better staff, which brings us to the next nomination...

#4 Celestian Trident
Celestian Trident - Wizard 101

Bought/Dropped: Crown Shop
Level: 45+
Cards: 5 Mega Nova Item Cards
Pip: 1 power pip at start of battle

This is such a beautiful staff. I am fond of the teal swirl of energy leading up to the core tridential power. I feel like I am Poseidon when I wield this. It is also the first wand of Celestia. Again, an elegant wand.

#3 Saber of the Gallium Paladin
Saber of the Gallium Paladin.png

Bought/Dropped: Bazaar/Gallium Paladin
Level: 45+
Cards: 5 Major Heroic Hit Item Cards
Pip: 1 power pip at start of battle

Oooh, the design is very cool here like a saber. The spikes are just flourishing. I think you can notice that the cards it gives: Major Heroic Hit. How cool is it to have a card name which is your blog name? Exactly. Nicely brandished.

#2 Galvanic Blade
(Item) Galvanic Blade.png

Bought/Dropped: Bazaar/Othin Stormfather (Ravens)
Level: 45+
Cards: 5 Surge Item Cards
Pip: 1 power pip at start of battle

The sparkles of the this sword caught my eye. This sword; I used this during my Wintertusk adventures. I have carried this sword everywhere. The hilt is so edgy, and the whole this is just bedazzling. I stitched this with the Shivering Spear because that staff didn't quite match my outift, until this flew by.

#1 Bristleback's Thunderblade
Bristleback's Thunderblade.png

Bought/Dropped: Bazaar/Andor Bristleback
Level: 45+
Cards: 5 Major Surge Item Cards
Pip: 1 power pip at start of battle

Wow, a sword with my last name on it. Thunderblade. Funny thing is, I didn't buy this till this month. I didn't know much about this sword. But I just scrolled through the Bazaar and found this. The rigidness of this sword knows what I'm talking about. Despite the small hilt, it looks like an ice sword, but it actually has a counterpart: Longblade of the Homonculus. THAT is icier than this one. (This sword is storm.) As well as the Saber of the Gallium Paladin, the counterpart Redwind's Viridian Blade, which so full of life.

How did you like this fun filled post? I hoped youl liked it!

Shelby Rose: Fire extinguishers wore tutus at the Gypsy Carnival.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

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  1. I did like this post! :) I didn't expect those to be your favorite wands though. LoL! If I had to choose a favorite one, well, I can't decide between Shivering Spear or Rod of Rime (crafted). I like them both! I also thought you might have liked the Volcanic Staff. It's also crafted from Celestia but is well worth it. See ya in the Spiral!


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