Friday, October 21, 2011

I knew it!

Wizard101 - Waterfront teaser

I actually predicted that there would be a Jungle/Amazon world.

From the picture up there, I see health wisps, meaning that this a battle area where those purple elephants are our enemies. We will be able to battle at the docks. You know, the new Temple of the Sun house, which comes from the bundle, is African-like, and the next world is supposed to be African, which it is. Will oni's roam the grounds again?? They seem to have a frown on their faces..

There is a cipher code on top. I wonder what it is. Spirals, fish, and giraffes appear in the code. In the background, those trees; it would be cool to have those as a furniture. And the tusks behind the elephants... IVORY FROM THE ELEHPHANTS?? I hope no one killed the elephants. (Those elephants don't have tusks!)

**EDIT** Kevin Battleblood and Katherine Light have deciphered the code! "Down in the depths"**EDIT** Gratz to them.

Well, anyway, the boat could be a future furniture. Now, I wonder what the name of this world might be called. Interesting. Can't wait for more!

Shelby Rose: Spontaneous combustion to the Storm Elves!

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

Speaking of elves, the code to your free Yellow Fire Elf from the GDCis: audiencevotingreward
Redeem it before November 1st.

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