Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I logged into blogger and guess what!

Wait for it...


Yes, thank you guys! I appreciate it very much! I hope all of you guys that don't have as much followers get many followers, too! With the 40 followers, I guess I can release the SUPER SECRET CONTEST THINGY. Unfortunately, I didn't know I would hit 40 that fast. Therefore, I'm still working on in it. And because of school, I haven't gotten any time to work on it. And the codes I still need to send to Talon N., Elijah L., and Sierra M. Guys, I'm really busy, so bare with me!

I'm thinking about giving away some Wyvern and Dragon packs for the contest surprise thing. Probably some codes. I still need to make up the dates, too.

Ok so Fairy!

YAY! Flying! Although, when I was in the bus from school, I heard some guys asking which would you rather have: flying or teleporting? I definitely chose teleporting. I mean, it's more efficient and clearly very high-tech. Oh, that reminds me, our grade gets laptops! We get to carry them throughout the whole day! Woo!!!! KI has a released a new video: teleporters!
I don't own this video.

Now who wants churros! Do you remeber my skyrocketed page views? Well, it maybe the Strong Sorcerer, Sean Dragonflame. Here's what he said:

It might have been me actually because i was viewing your blog when my computer messed up and made about 65 pages all of your blog.

So now we know.

Well, you know school, not posting often. Don't worry though! I like school though.

Shelby Rose: Nike, Addidas, Champion, and Reebok competed in a foot race. Nike and Champion tied because Nike means "victory" and champion, well, he's the champ.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

Monday, August 29, 2011

Columns, not Rows! (Expedition)

Hi, spiralites!

Now before I start today's blog post, I would like to say once I hit 40 followers, I will release a new SECRET SUPRISE CONTEST THINGY. I mean I already have 40 posts and at least 4,000 views. Oh, that reminds me, last post was the 40th post! It will be totally wicked. I'm currently working on this project though. So if I get the extra three followers, true awesomeness will descend! Ahem, sorry.

Ok, right. Columns. Expedition.What columns, now? Columns in Dragonspyre? No, those are boring. Corinthian are my favorite designs though. How bout Celestia? No, they're too...stiff. Too blue-ish. The ones I'm talking about are the ones in Pigswick Academy Wysteria. Yes, they're quite interesting. Here's all of them.


Location: Pigswick Academy, Wysteria

 This place looks dangerously scorching with heating lava. School of Ember.

The vines curl and gather to tingle your spine. School of Earth.

School of Chaos: strange symbols; stars, rings, equality, Rutherford atom, and Mickey Mouse head.

Keep it Frosty! School of Frost.

Ouch! Theses spikey dark vines are pointy. Don't touch these. School of Spirit.

Hmm... peculiar shapes stacked and balanced together, School of Equilibrium.

Ah, reminds of the currents and tides of Poseidon, all flourished and rapid! School of Tempest.
The desgins are very elaborate compared with even our own classes. It would be nice if KI dropped these as furniture. Yeah! Columns! Not rows though XD. Now would they be crowns? High gold? Or maybe dropped from mobs/bosses in Wysteria itself? This concludes this expedition.

School starts today. And I'm skittish. Wish me luck. And all the 9th graders, which I can name are Arlen Dawneyes, Blaze Shadowhorn, and Victoria Spiritblosson.

Shelby Rose: Linkin Park was linked with a link with Lincoln Park.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Last time I viewed my page views were 4,150. Couple hours later, it became 4,242! 92 page views in 3 hours! I checked my stats page, and it turns out it was very recent. Who viewed my blog 92 times! I mean, I get about 100 per post, but 100 in a day with no new post? Whodunit?!?!  Who would read my blog intentionally or unintentionally? Could it be a glitch?

Here's the proof. Very weird. It literally skyrocketed this chart.

I'm not against the person who did this. I'm thankful if the person did read my blog, but that many page

Extremely strange. O.o

It would be nice if this person could comment on why he/she did it. Thanks.

Aside from that, today is Spiral Live's second episode! Blaze will be gone for this episode, so Justin will
filling his position. And guess what I'll be interviewed! So please tune in! It will air 8:30 eastern, now at this


I guess that's it.

Oh, wait! Hurricane Irene! Right! Be cautious.

Shelby Rose: Mystical Space Typhoon!

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

Friday, August 26, 2011

I hate it. I HATE it. I HAAAAAAATE IT!!!!! (Rant!)

(This is an extension psot of Concert Experience, Why steer ia, and Party Review (Mark) section Wyvern Pack.)


What do I hate?

-confusion (I always get confused.)        
-fingers nails being screeched on the chalkboard
-people that are ignoring and annoying   
-failure in tests (which is very scarce)
-good byes                                         
 -falling from a big difference in height
-people against reading books
-egg salad                                           

There are plenty more, this is just a preview. (Notice I bolded, capitialized, and underlined "Wyvern Pack.")

Oh, how much I hate this pack. You're sitting in your chair waiting for that patching screen and to press play. That wyvern stares into your innocent eyes. Well that...thing is mocking you. Everytime you're logging in, Mr. Wyvern will try to lure you into you hunting and taming it.

Sup, readers. Today I'll be talking and ranting about the dreadful Wyvern pack. Everyone obviously wants the new mount. You're in game and you're bored. Talking to some of your friends or random wizards, you decide to try some of wyvern packs, again. You're all giddy, crossing fingers, ask God for it, and hope for the mount. "BUY" and poof. No mount. Here we go again, poof-NO MOUNT I mean what are the odds??There are five different colors of them, but the wyvern just never comes to you!

This sinister pack is SO vicious. It devourers up all your crowns in a heartbeat. Shouldn't it eventually drop? Sure, but almost 3/4 of all your packs bought total are completely useless! Let's see what they are, shan't we? Gardening and regular treasure cards, seeds (including crowns), most trees, some furniture. It's only 399 crowns, but you don't know what you'll get. 399 crowns spent will quickly be turned into 5,000 wasted.

I have spent roughly 20,000 crowns on this stupid pack. I mean, really, KI? I know that you're a running business, and you need your money, but this gambling is just not good for us. It's too addicting! Why can't you throw it on a bigger scale know what you are getting rather than a having a extremely smaller chance of getting something you want not know what you'll get? Cause they are attracting younger audiences between the approximate ages of 8-15. That's just my guess. Also, they're a running business. You'll eventually run out of crowns, and buy their crowns sale. And the gambling continues. Same with real gambling in Vegas. It's messing with your minds, and it's really not good for you.

Sure it's fun for the first couple tries. You might get some good clothing, a pet or two, and obviously tons of trees and furniture, but no mount! Sooner or later, having no wyvern, you find yourself at a point. At a point of stopping. You know that this gambling isn't good. You'll get guilty. But you will relieved and just let it be. Now I'm pretty sure KI will release another pack. This whole process will repeat. Who know what it might be though? A Chinese Lung? A worm (the dragon one)? A basilisk? A Hungarian Horntail? A hydra? A Pegasus? Hopefully, not a pegasus because Ed really would like it as a school mount. Or at least a free for all mount in the crown shop.

Luckily, my 20,000 wasn't quite a waste. I started getting tired of my fire wizard getting all the good legendary gear. Besides, his backpack and treasure cards space was full. So I hopped onto my alts. And guess what? Wait, heads up, no wyvern of course. 2 permanent fairy wings! 2 pixie queens! My second teleporter! But too bad they aren't tradeable. Why? WHY??? I'll ask KI that. But the point is , try your other wizards. Who knows? I'm not encouraging you to blow your crowns like me though. Yet, I'm also not discouraging you to buy the wyvern packs. It's fun and lightning-paced, but stop at point where you need to and LIMIT YOURSELF! I hope I helped some of you gamblers out there and my friends. That's my extra 2 cents. (I gave my 2 cents already.)

Shelby Rose: Benjamin Franklin was diplomatic man, an ambassador of... La La Land!

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm a little fairy, fast and swift. Here are my wings, here is my lift

I'm a little fairy, fast and swift.
Here are my wings, here is my lift.

When I'm all flying, I'll give you a gift.
Just ask nicely, and give me a drift!

Hey, look! Heroic Picture of the Day!

Wow, I just improvised and composed that. What do you think of that teapot parody? You know, it looks like a slow motion moving picture to me. The costume you see me in is he 11th Doctor! Except the fairy wings of course. My hat is a stetson instead of a fez. Hopefully, the future world Mirage will come out and bring fezzes to the Spiral.

Well enough about fairies, I'm here to tell you about my first run of Tower of Helephant. My crew was one fire, one storm, and two balance. Guess who the storm was. Mark Stormhunter of the Elementalists! This day was actually just before our party. And only lord knows how hard this was! Everyone on our team died at least 7 times! KI, you put up a great challenge. The tower is seven levels long. The first battle took extrememly long.

You can see from the XP it gives, 21,150! I don't really understand this concept. If we're legendaries, and we can't any more XP, why gives XP? Unless, a new world comes out, and there's a level cap. But I we know that the next world has to provide more XP so we can level up to "x", where "x" equals the level cap. Sure, some wizards would rather complete this on a higher level then do other quests that are quite vexing. I'm not those wizards.

The first level of the tower contained a cute pig soldier, two strips of bacon, and a well cooked rare steak.
Sounds like brunch. Not really. The severe brunch was a harsh die-for-leviathan. We had no guides, just us and our brains. No traps and no fizzles. The boss will remove trap asap. And if you fizzle, which the steak put a smokescreen on you, he will skeletalize you with skeletal dragon. Nasty. A diviner is much needed in this tower. Why? The ever so Storm Lord powns with his cracks of aoe bolt. The two strips of bacon were first eaten, I mean defeated. The scrumptious steak was devoured second. Finally, the cute pig soldier was shocked with a zap by Levy, short for Leviathan. Maybe it was a Lord. I don't remember.

Why did that sound so much as if I was starving and eating. Oh wait, I was. I guess in game experiences may be influenced by real life events. Cool.

 During the middle level, there was a maze. It was very similar to the books Choose Your Adventure. You choose a path, which leads to path, and into another, which may lead to success or complete devastating peril. We accidentally chose the devastating peril. I forgot what were the monster though. More levels pass through, and we got to the last level, or so we thought. It's called the Tower of Helephant, right? Well here it/he is:
Thankfully, no cheats. Only the first and last level has cheats.

You came from the stars? Star-fields of Yago? A new world? Hmm... Very interesting.

After we beat him, he teaches us a spell.

And the sorcerer Lyon comes forth. I can't believe I got this close to Lyon. Why can't I just take Heart of the Helephant? Can't I just bargain with you, Mr. Lorestriker?

We did at least 4 times on this battle. One of our sorcerers bailed out. His cheat is hard to describe. Lyon "welcomes" more of his friends to join the "party" one by one. Then you Storm Lord or aoe them once they all come out. The minions have 1,500 health and is the school of myth. The boss has 21,950. You can't put traps. And if you heal over time (HoT), while all minoin spots are filled, he will blizzard you. So no spritely. :(
That's how annoying this boss is. We died again and again, it was such a pity. This dungeon IS harder than Waterworks. So I guess that's it for this post. And please don't remember to check and follow Smart n Heroic Timelords! We'd be grateful if you added it to your blog rolls! Thanks!
Shelby Rose: A pocket full of sunshine was handed to Leonardo da Vinci so he could spread the happiness.
See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Dusk Sets to Night

I'm not sure, but, uh, there is small chance that Autumn will read this...

A dear blog has left the spiral, but not entirely. She has kept it as an...archive. She will be missed dearly in the blogosphere. This blog is Homework in a Graveyard aka HiaG. Autumn Duskhunter has brought us one of the best times, experiences, and posts to all of us. She has done great and awespiring to our community.

Here's what I commented on her blog. I mean archive.

"We will miss HiaG dearly, but in way of celebration. Thanks for all the unforgetable times, fun, rants, comments, posts, contests, and experiences you have shared to us readers and friends. A great blog will be shined and not ever forgotten. The spiral will continue spinning onwards and frontwards with this grand end of a fantastic blog. All songs must end.-Thunderblade"

This definitely deserves "Heroic Picture of the Day".
We will celebrate this in a light of hope instead of grief. I met her once during this year's Ravenwood Ball. Miss Autumn has been a great wizard, friend, blogger, and a fantastic role model to all of us! Thank you, Autumnal Dusk. We will definitely cherish you archive with care. It's in great hands! No hands like good hands!

Shelby Rose: We will sing you a song. A song to end.

Tenure for Dworgyn and Be Well!-Thunderblade

Monday, August 22, 2011

Concert Experience, Why steer i a, and Mark and My Party Review

Greetings, my friendly spiralites! I just came back from a Selena Gomez concert! Woo! I'll tell you what happened. It was a very rainy day that it was raining firecats and frost beetles. My feet and socks are completely soaked, and I have to wait for extrememly tremendous lengthy line. 30 minutes later, we arrived at the stadium, and wow, did it take a while for it to set up the stage. Then again it was raining furiously with firecats and frost beetles. Christina Grimmie then started it off to get us excited and pumped. When it finally got very dark, everyone was cheering and hyped for the concert to start.

Luckily, it wasn't raining. Selena started it off with "A Day Without You is Like a Year Without Rain"!! Instead of singing her lyrics, I actually did sing Friendly's lyrics parody that song, A Day Without 101 Means Selena's in Pain. Was it fun! I also sang to "Round and Round" and "Love You Like a Love Song." I bet you remember last year, where Selena hit the spiral and everyone swarmed through Crab Alley. I really miss that story line. Next, she sang "Falling Down" and "Who Says". Ms. Gomez lastly ended "Magic." There were obviously other songs other than these mentioned. This concert has brought me the message to never give up in what you believe in. No one can stop you. Thank you, Selena Gomez! This experience/night will never be forgetable. Why don't I share "Falling Down" with you readers and friends?

Enjoy! I don't own this video.


Wysteria is out for all wizards levels 25 and up! Hurry up and log on! Yes, Wysteria was spelled that way before it came out. Victoria and I are all giddy, KI answered us! Well actually, I guessed that Wysteria would come out the day before Mark and my party. I will tell you what happened later this post.

You know, the beginning of Pigswick Academy quests is close to the enrollment of Wizard City when you first enter. You talk to the teachers, and they explain what the schools do and teach. Personally, I feel like this such a fail of parody of Ravenwood, but in a good way. I'm not saying that KI did a terrible job, they did an excellent job on Wysteria! So very close to Harry Potter though.

I have a ton of pictures to share with you! Skip to the end if you'd like, but that's the number one leading cause cancer in fruit bats... Fruit bats.... Eh well, enjoy the times of Wysteria I had! Also, you might to sit back and get comfy because this will be a long post of pictures. I mean each pictures is worth a thousand words, if there are, let's see.../counts/  46! That means 4,600 words! Enjoy (if you can)!


Ok, this is like Beauxbaton, Durmstrang, and Hogwarts competing for the Triwzard Cup, instead of Triwizard Tournament Cup it's the Spiral Cup. You, your wizard, is Harry, and you are "summoned" from Merle to win the cup this year. You launch into Wysteria and.... Renfro, moomintroll, cryptozoological

 Hey, look the Spiral Cup! Why don't I take this, and....Oops! It was a portkey to the graveyard....o.o

 You know, this reminded me of Harry's Chamber of Secrets. The basilisk...
 So the next world, hopefully, will be Weirwood. I really want this world to come out. I'm guessing it will come out at the end of this year.

 And Mirage, I really wished that world, wouldn't be similar to Krokotopia. I mean the sand still lingers in my throat. At least put that world second from Weirwood if they come out.
This is a great view of the headmistress's office. It's not cramp and full of books. It has a breathtaking view, does it not?

Then I meet the teachers. I didn't expect a cloud beast to teach a class. Weird. He looks so cute in that outfit.

Gobbler from Colossus Blvd, huh? Are you a graduate of Stink Academy?

 Ah, a Marleybonian. Should you be researching over there? No? You would like to expand your studies here? Profounding.

 This first thing that came in mind when I saw this was that NPC, in Sudrilund. What's her name, was it Tyra Banks. No, it's Thyra Birghtspell!

Why aren't you at where the Frost Giant sleeps?

Notice the ghost coming out of the grave...

 I knew this was coming, a mander teaching the school of fir, er, I mean ember. He's got scope on his left eye.

I never suspected a Riverclaw to be teaching. He's got a monocle like Merle Ambrose.

 A small fountain? That's man made! Or is it pig made? Bartleby is from the ground.

One of the best pig activites: piggy is spinning loops and loops round and round. >_<

This was the first wyvern I saw. You know, if you have a bone dragon, there isn't much of a difference. The bone dragon has just been skeletalized. KI just added some skin to it to the bone dragon into a wyvern. The wyvern is just bigger.
Spkeaing of the wyvern, I'm going to explain a bit of today. I really wanted: the wyvern mount obvisously (don't we all), new pets, and outfit. I got most of the outfit. Pets I got were Life Ghoul, Treant, and Earthwalker. With all of the crowns spending, I got tons of trees. In case you didn't know, I spent 9,576 crowns, which is equivalent to 24 packs. Whew, that was relieving. I am glad that that I told you that, so now I don't have to be all skittish and guilty. I'm sorry for Autumn Duskhunter that she spent 32k for it and got nothing good.

Because of the so much furniture, I decided to make a benefit out of it. I had extra room at the back of my MFP. I put some trees here and there. As I got more, this space became a forest, and since I got a teleporter from the wyvern pack, I'm making this maze! Once I reach a mark on this blog, I will release this maze of mine, and hopefully many will come. Just stay tuned. (I maxed out housing space at my MFP, 500/100 bank, 100/100 shared bank, 80/80 backpack capacity, and max gold. You can see I'm in a dangerous position. I better go to my alts sell...

I really don't like this idea of KI putting this "pack gambling" or "lotto." I mean I'd rather spend my crowns on something I know what I will get on a grander scale rather than blowing my crowns on a smaller scale with a chance of getting 5 mounts out of like kajillion things not knowing what I'll get. KI is a running business, that needs to get there money-by buying luring younger audiences like us and younger kids to buy these packs that sweeps away your money. I'm not saying that you shouldn't try for it. It's fun to try for a couple packs. But once you get to point where you know it's bad, stop. I stopped, I hit 24 packs, and that's enough. Limit yourself. Same thing goes with gambling in Vegas. It's good to try for 30 minutes, but don't blow your time and money. Remember: limit yourself. There's my two cents.

 I quite like ths crazy outfit. I look so...berserk, wild.

KI changed the treasure cards icon when you receive them.

I prefer my satyr dancing on my luscious lawn rather than being a NPC in Pegasus Palace.

I freaking want this mount! So does Nick Lionrider, it's so flaming like Blacjack from Percy Jackson.

Oh and the Oni/Helephants. They look more like Plague Onis to me. Tower of Helephant has a fire oni: Kogasha. I'll review this on the next post. I promise.

FLAPJACKS!!! Gotta have your flapjacks! Do you go to IHOP?

BOOKS!!! Victoria and I can't get enough of books!

Pig Activity: pig floating on a comfy chair, reading a book, and his or her wand twirling and hovering over it.

Pig Activity: Female pig hovering and sitting in content while reading a book. Why do they get to hover their wands?

I find this an interesting story. It briefly explains the roots of Pigswick Academy. Go read it if you haven't.

 My Pigswick Academy outift! Yes! I can now be the 10th Doctor.

I think this is my favorite place out of all of Wysteria, the Library Archives. It has books! Lots! I bet I could spend my whole life there. Food, entertainment, and furniture, is already provided. :)

Now this would be an awesome wand to wield. I love the static there.

I really want this as a housing item! KI, please add it!

You know, these Green Men, are just strange, aside from their groovy grove moustace. That's cool.

This line is one my favorites: Time to review your homework. Today's subject: traps! To be honest, this battle would be very difficult for wizards 35 and under.

I love this picture here. All tangy and woodsy.

KI, you should definitely add this to a pet selection! It looks so cool!

Ah, a glitch, two Zachary E. And I do NOT have two Zachary E.

 Finally, all is restored! All is we...

Ack, gorgon! Shield your eyes! Before... Oh you got turned into stone already, nevermind.

 Yay, I win!

Hey, I found my extra credit! Who knew? Don't remember? Click me.

YES! The badge I get! Thank you, Merle and KI!

Well what do you know? Ms. Gomez would like to enjoy some pie and cheese for my reward! Nom.

In conclusion, I love Wysteria! Most fun world ever! Thanks, KI! I beat this the day it came out in approximately 5 hours.

Mark you better be reading this. The party lasted 2 hours. We had lots of fun.

This was an awesome part of Mark's Sultan's Palace. Checkmate! Stoprmzilla!

We then were hunting the bottle burners.

Mark, these were the remaining people, aka the Remainders. Victoria Spiritblossom, Talon Nightshade, Elijah Lightthief, and Sierra Moondust. To be honest, there was a four way tie. Elijah found 8, Sierra and Talon N. found 7, but Victoria wasn't playing. So I decided to give everyone 3 codes to each of them to be fair. I hope all you had fun! Renfro, moomintroll, cryptozoological: these were some words I learned that you could say. Oh that reminds me, Heroic Picture of the Day!

After completing Wysteria, I just had to get a picture of me in the 10th Doctor outfit. This was the closest set I could get. Speaking of Doctor Who, Victoria (Smart Allec Wiz) and I decided to make a partner blog! It is called Smart n Heroic Timelords. Please check it out! Follow! Thanks!

Ok guys, I think you had enough. Eat your breakfast, it's good for you. Bacon...mmm...scrambled eggs...cereal...coffee...muffins...donuts...mmm...juice...sausage patties and links... Wait, those are mine don't take them! My food!

Shelby Rose: Selena Gomez went Round and Round and Falling Down going all Magic, I mean A Day Without You is Like a Year Without Rain, but Who Says? Love You Like a Love Song? Pig-like bookworm bottle burners? Yes.

See you in Wysteria-Thunderblade

P.S. Notice my header. And please vote on my poll!