Monday, November 28, 2011

Twin blog, TARDIS, Legendary Artisan quest review, and D&P meet up!

Hey, Spiralites.

So school has been pretty good. I've been singing and playing songs at the same time on piano, got back from 4 hours from home, shufflin' everyday, and not been questing much in Zafaria. I don't know why I haven't been questing as much. Guess I'm not as interested. Just not in a rush to finish it... LIKE ARLEN.
*glares at him*


Oh look, new poll over there.

My fair twin Blaze Shadowhorn and I decided to make a partner twin blog called "Tale of The Crystal Flame". We'll sharing thoughts and experiences that we share or may not. Go check it out, follow it, add it to your blog roll please. Speaking of partner blogs, Victoria and I would appreciate it if you did the same for "Smart n Heroic Timelords". Thanks.

TARDIS, right! Time and Relative Dimension in Space! The time machine ship that takes you anywhere and anytime to anyone and anything! I remember reading Duncan Daystone's post, that there was a TARDIS in MB and a Professor, but this was in test realm. (But it suppposed to be a phone booth because they are found in London, etc.) And I remembered that ZF was live and that feature comenced. So I told Victoria right away, and she got on immediately. Now I wonder why KI added this. And I was so excited and shaking in awe because of this mystery "box".


TARDIS and the Professor in the scene. First off, TARDIS  is supposed to be blue. But to avoid copyright issues, KI rendered it red. As well as having it "telegraph" than "police box", the Professor being that rather than the Doctor, Red Converse than old, fine shoes, the bowtie than a tie, (bowties are cool), and the couple squares down the booth are merged into rectangles, and if you look closely enough on that piece of paper in the TARDIS aka phone says...




Then Victoria got on. :D
For some reason, this level 0 popped up three times. Pretty sure it's a glitch.
Wow, Doc---, I mean Prof! Nice Converse shoes! I have the same ones! (This was supposedly the 4th  Doctor, but to, again, avoid copyright issues, KI added Converse Shoes, which David Tennant, 10th Doctor.)

I noticed that when you look closely, he's wearing spectacles, or glasses. Look very closely. Also, Victoria checked if I wasn't hallucinating. I wasn't thankfully.

Heroic Picture of the Day: Victoria and I posing like the Professor, or at least trying to...

Anyway, I found the Legendary Artisan quest is quite challenging. I have a feeling it will take a while to complete it. You need two Spirit Caller Drums, which consists of a total of...
  • 8 Legion Shield Treasure Cards
  • 4 Perfect Onyx
  • 4 Pristine Vial
  • 18 Sunstone
  • 28 Black Pearl
  • 16 Golden Pearl
  • 4 Conga Drums
  • 26 Aether
Conga Drums is a furniture crafting item recipe found in Celestia Base Camp. Vendor is "Gearwise", and you need FOUR of them, which consists a total of...
  • 8 Giant Treasure Cards
  • 4 Amethyst
  • 4 Crystal Vial
  • 16 Scales
  • 16 Aether
  • 32 Shell
  • 64 Fossil
Thanks to Diana Wildheart, I found out that Aether can be dropped by Deadly Helephant Ears harvests. I bought a lot of transmutes to transmute to another transmute. Aether is seen in both Sprit Caller and Congo Durm, which will spice the search for it. And those Golden Pearls were a torture from last crafting quest back in Floating Land. Yet you need 16 of them this time! So 1 Golden Pearl is equivalent to 15 Pearls. You can get Pearls in the Portico, but 1 Pearl is equivalent to 10 Black Lotus. Sure you can sit and snipe at the Bazaar for Pearls, GP, and BL, but I found a spawing field of Black Vestrilund, in the middle of Vestrilund.

See how much Black Lotus I have gotten.

I continued to realm jump and realm jump, until I found one in out of many Black Lotuses, a Black Pearl.

There are about a total of 5 of these in a realm spawn. Each of the Black Lotus gives a range of 1-3 of them.
Now since, you know this, I hope I won't be seeing you guys trying to steal my Black Lotus that I'm hunting down...
A quick rundown of transmutes here, which are necessary in creating a Congo Drum and Spirit Caller Drum... Although, you can still snipe them at the Bazaar and/or realm jump to obtain it.

-1 Golden Pearl = 15 Pearls
-1 Pearl = 10 Black Lotus
-1 Black Lotus = 10 Mist Wood and 10 Ore
-1 Aether = 15 Kelp
-1 Kelp = 10 Mandrakes
-1 Mandrake = 10 Mist Wood and 10 Deep Mushroom
-1 Sunstone = 15 Sandstones
-1 Sandstone = 10 Stone blocks
-1 Fossil = 15 Stone blocks
-1 Black Pearl = 15 Black Lotus

How annoying! Well, at least there is this to keep me occupied in the game. And wow, this is a long post... I better clean it up with me meeting Destiny Soultamer and Paige Daisypetal aka Travels of the Thaumaturge and The Sorcerer's Sights. Please check their blogs out, follow it, add it to your blog roll.

Des and Paige were VERY excited and flabbergasted when they meet me. I honestly don't why you were that excited lol. So now we're friends :D

Destiny told Paige to login immediately...

So she did. So I guess that makes TWO Heroic Pictures of the Day.

So, yeah, you got through the end of the post alive. Funny how everytime I try to make a short post, I make super huge long post like this. Must be a curse... but a gift...

Oh well.

I almost forgot, please follow Blaze and my Tale of The Crystal Flame, Smart n Heroic Timelords, and Des and Paige's blogs. Weird, not much of an increase in MY followers...

Shelby Rose: Orange duct under my neon green/gray Nike shoes.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from Heroic Pyromancer

It's Thanksgiving, guys! Spend time with your family, and be thankful bout the things you own and what's around you!

Even Mr. Efreet gave a whooping 10k for Orin Grimcaster.

I visited Hannah to get my Indian Headdress and Turkey hat.

That's Elijah Lightthief and me after today's Waterworks run. And no, I still didn't get my boots. -.-

I'm really happy and thankful for...
  • Wizard101
  • Friends (irl, game, and skype) and family
  • A roof under my head ***EDIT I meant OVER ***EDIT
  • Clothes
  • Food and supplies
  • Heroic Pyromancer blog
  • Music around me
  • Education
I just finished my Thanksgiving dinner and it was really satisfying. Tomorrow is Black Friday, but I'll be buying LMFAO animal print pants and shufflin' shirts for myself. XD Then be out of town.

I hope you readers and friends have a fantastic holiday and Thanksgiving. Remember the pilgrims and Native Americans.

Shelby Rose: Gobble the Gobbler, it's Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!-Thunderblade
(Or Thanksgiginv for Friendly and Mistshard)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Zebras, Lions, and Rhinos Stop 1

Wow, it's been a week since I've posted. Thanksgiving is drawing closer, and Zafaria is now live.

I don't like it when people rush the game. I mean, it's not going anywhere. Let's see what I've been doing, deep the safari...

The field trip!

So Baxby's Australian?

When I first viewed Zafaria, I was literally like, "WOAH O:"

Zebras and their tribes.

HA! Glitch, leopard in between ostrich mount legs.

Trifles Truffles!

Another great view of the vast jungle.

Goliath looks cool, but bugging weird at the same time.

Oh! Found the first of the field trip.

Is he a lion or a zebra lol?

You make a well in ZF.

Woah, it's old Friendly!

Lemme give you a hug!

Huh, only you would say that.

Number 2!

Nemea! (Greek island) Wait, it's the Savannah.

Why do we use a mouse trap in ZF?


Oh, and look at this unsuspicious-purple-glowy-pond-thingy.

So I guess people are people. And I'm me.

Have fun. Watch out for more from me.

Shelby Rose: I'm a helicopter backwards rotating flipping ovverated pie.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tenacious and Heroic

My dear twin Blaze Shadowhorn made a card using a program, and I have to say, he did a really good job on it. Blaze, I love this card, it is so... unique, creative, and just dazzling wicked cool. Just look at the card!

Impressive what you could do these days. Blaze, I LOVE THIS CARD. It symbolizes so many things.

Blaze decided to be named the Tenacious Thaumaturge.

I'm glad we met irl. :)


TTT and THP. Such a powerful force...


Well, it was Veteran's Day couple days ago. 11.11.11. at 11:11, what did you wish for?

Wait don't tell me, or it won't come true. I actually didn't wish for anything because... I fell asleep. T_T

Oh well lol. You can get the Shield of Valor.

I wish I had the actual Valor Sword though. Eh, I'll order the magazine just to get it. Thank you, Veterans of the nation...

Shelby Rose: Valor blades, sabers, and swords.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Are you kidding me? x_x

Wyvern's Hoard

For a limited time,
Save 50% off!

Cruise around Wizard City on your new Wyvern mount as he shoots fireworks out his mouth! This Wyvern's Hoard pack is full of items to outfit your Wizard and Castle - including brand new gear, cool plants, the new teleporters and of course a rare chance at the Wyvern itself!

I'm obviously not shooting for this, not wasting any more crowns on these silly packs. You can though. I'm not stopping you from buying them.

Shelby Rose: Palindromes are my drones in a dome.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Depths of Death Part 3 (END)

Hey guys, I actually completed Crab Alley on my death Superior Cody a month ago. Apparently, I just stored the picutres in the documents and left there. Now let's get to his conclusion of his aquatic adventure!


 It looks likes he is honored to Catherine.

 Shan't we put this Herioc Picture of the Day?
I love this outfit.

Shelby Rose: Imposters are not imps, or are they?

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade