Heroic Pictures of the Day

There just had to be a collection of Heroic Pictures of the Day. So I stashed them all in this page. Enjoy! (For the sake of my Heroicness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Talon Thunderblade, Edward Lifegem, and Elijah Lightthief!!! In Crab Alley!

Bailey Skystaff and Me dancing the fire and heroic way!

Aaron Starheart and Me getting ready for the Ravenwood Ball.

Ed and Talon all hyped about the Ravenwood Ball!

Waterworks run with Elijah Lightthief and Jennifer Starhaven.

Wizard City Protectors Nicholas Lionrider, Talon Thunderblade, and Edward Lifegem. Unite, WCP!

Wizard Drawing: Blaze Shadowhorn

Wizard Drawing: Fallon Skyhunter

Sierra Moondust, THP, and Timothy Legenddreamer chatting about awesomeness!

Victoria Spiritblossom, THP, Quinn Dragonwhisper standing in front of our favorite kimonos.

 The top of the Warehouse with Talon Thunderblade, Mariah Nightbringer, Shelby Rose, and Christopher Sunthistle. (Christopher is not shown.)

Fire power and Helephant rage! (Kestrel's party was fabulous! :)
Talon Nightshade, Amber Rosepetal, THP, and Nicholas being all Dragonspyrians.
Nick thought we looked like the red Power Ranger.

Mark Stormhunter, THP, Ryan Strongheart, and Brahm Deathwraith at the top of Briskbreeze Tower. (Brahm not shown.)

(That's me at Mark's Sultan's Palace.) I have a serious face on. Well, I always have a seroius face on. O_O

PIANO! I will play my favorite songs on it.

The Remainders of Mark and my 30 follower party.

A Dusk Sets to Night.

I'm a little fairy, fast and swift.
Here are my wings, here is my lift.

When I'm all flying, I'll give you a gift.
Just ask nicely, and give me a drift!

It's like those slow motion picture movies.

First Houseshowcasing-Autumn Dreamwalker! *hugs Autumn*

Elijah Lightthief and me at his Bubba Land in his newly crafted Celestial Observatory.

Darkwraiths have invaded. Objection: destroy race.

Finally received Grandmaster Artisan badge

Friendly Necromancer??

Victoria and I posing like the Professor, or at least trying to...

Destiny and Paige and I finally meet up.

Hero of Grizzleheim, it fits me.

Felix Navidad!

Cool tower design at Mirror Lake.

Avalon, restoring relics to the knight. 

I play a rift.

Epic Death Oni gear.

Rightful Heir Talon

Phoenix Hoard Gear

 All hail, Talon!