Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dream Come True: Aquila

When Aquila was released, I was so astounded that KI finally came up with an area based on Greek Mythology! I was delighted of this news because of my love of Greek Mythology, it is infused with a game I love! The word "aquila" is actually Latin for "eagle". So it would make sense for the world birds here to look like eagles. My stomach did a flip when I saw their impressive designs and wingspans.

First things first. You meet up with Cyrus Drake, the Myth Professor, for it is he who will give you the quest to Aquila.
An empire you say?

So according to KI, Aquila is similar to Crab Alley, an area in Trition Avenue. (I wish Aquila was a world.)

Herculean competition, you say?

Here, I got stuck and couldn't press 'x'to get obtain the scroll.

It turns out that you have to get on a few steps to get there. Silly me. 

Ah, the Garden of the Hesperides...


Chariot to Aquila?

They're cousins.

Is that the Hydra?

Heroic Pyromancer Talon Thunderblade, Spiral Geographer. 

A chance to battle the almighty Zeus!

Ah! Athena, I've been looking all over for you!

So we'll be fighting a series of gods here...

Apollo, the sun god. 


I thought we could fight Artemis...

WE CAN FIGHT CENTAURS?? Never mind then. 

Love the lunar background. 

She's called Golden Apple for a reason... *cough* Trojan War *cough* Fairest*

Yo what's up Hepatitis B? I mean Hephaestus.

Can't even see his head. 

We get to duel the god of war. 

Love the Centurion armor.

This is because Athena is also the goddess of heroes. 

Honored, my lord. 

Oh I'll show you what I'm made of.

Why is Zeus on the far right? Does it even matter?

Let's get this party started. 



Hey, love the effects, KI. Unfortunately, I came here to win. 

Admit defeat, Zeus!

Heroic Picture of the Day: All hail, Talon!

I'm guessing the other badges will be silver and gold?


I said... Giddyup!

New header.

Don't you just love their names?

Next stop, Atlantea!

I'm very much ecstatic that KI now has an area dedicated to Greek Mythology. Overall I loved of it, but if I were to tweak it, it would be less mob battles with non-gods/goddesses. Cannot wait to meet the other gods and goddesses of Aquila! Stay young, my friends!

Shelby Rose: What does the fox say?
See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade