Sunday, April 29, 2012

Zafaria Expedition: Explored and Conquered

Now, I've been done with Zafaria for almost a month, and I didn't post anything about it.

It's because of the business... again.

It seems that every blogger has those times, where there just so busy, and they just don't post for a long time.
...So why don't I blog about my completion of Zafaria?

Right, where did I leave off?
Oh... The Elephant Graveyard! I'm in the gauntlet.

That's a beautiful painting of the queen.

Gold sarcophagus. 

That little hypnotized elephant boy just looks weird.

Ope, there's Morganthe up to her old scheme's again.

After the battle, I complete the field trip picture.

 Little unhypnotized elephant says this...

Morganthe flees once again.

And now, I have to complete the Mirror Lake, according to Inyanga. I thank Elijah Lightthief for helping me on this instance.

But what if I don't return safely?

Tse-Tse was very easy.

That's the closest you'll ever get with Morganthe.

She chants some doodlewiz.


Creepy tower.

It's so funny how they all are hoisted in the air hunched over. I died like three times in this battle.

The horn will call.

Look how much I got from that battle! Thanks Elijah!

Aw, poor fishy.

Just an cool tower design. Heroic Picture of the Day.

Then I return to Inyanga...

And I'm Hero of Zafaria. :D

I have heard of Pirate101. Honestly, it looks pretty cool. I mean, from the video, they have already have a lot of things developed. You have positions like, buccaneer, swashbuckler, witchdoctor, privateer, and musketeer. You'll gather a crew, fight in combat rather than spells, and ride and control you ship along the seven seas!

Ok, that line was just too cheesy.

So in other words, check out

There's also that new Emperor's Attic pack. Again with the Mooshu theme, KI? I think it's quite redundant.
I mean, we had the Kirin Pack and the Ninja Lore Pack. It seems that Kirin pack's "Epic" was the Kirin mount and the Ninja Lore's "Epic" new spells. But in the Emperor's Attic pack the "Epic" is the TAG GAME.

With over 60 NEW items, our new MooShu themed game card pack is filled to the brim with housing items!

Decorate your Wizard castle with these cool new housing items from the Emperor's Attic Pack! Each pack contains a chance to get new items including the brand new Tag Game!

Just some of the cool new stuff in the Emperor's Attic Pack!
  • Tag Game
  • 8 new interact-able housing items including a Koi Pond!
  • 4 new plants including the Fortune Cookie Tree!
  • Other new items such as bobbleheads, paintings, wallpaper, music scrolls and many other furniture pieces to decorate your castle

Ok, well that's it for now. 

Do you like my  new background and header?

Shelby Rose: Must. Get. 6:30. On. The. Mile. Run.
See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Oh, wow.

Over 10 months of blogging, I have now achieved 10,000 views. If I'm correct, 1,000 pages views per month would be the proportion here. (10,000 views per 10 months.)

I'd just like to thank my followers and readers who read this blog even if I don't blog weekly.
Although, I will try to.

(I'm just busy with school stuff like Track)

Anyway, I hear the new world Avalon is out on Test Realm.

I see a fire demon dragon, a cat NPC, a mutated goat barbarian, a majestic soaring owl, a lute-playing weasel, goblins, gnomes, a bear king, a two-headed ogre, a tree man, a bear warrior, and sea creature human of a sort.

You can read it all over here or simply on this blog.


In Avalon, players will discover new clues regarding the motivations of some of the main characters in the Wizard101 universe, including Merle Ambrose and the evil Morganthe.
Eventually, Wizards will test their might by undertaking a great quest to heal the land and recover the ancient Sword of Kings.
Avalon includes:
  • Six new Zones with 15 new areas to explore
  • Level cap increase to 80
  • 28 new (utility) spells – 4 per school
  • New equipment/drops
  • New level 78 pet quests (by school)  
  • New pets and mounts
  • New gardening levels (players can now achieve rank 15 in gardening) 
  • New gardening spells and plants