Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stormy Orion Armstrong!

Somewhere in the depths of Pirate101...

A new pirate emerges...

A stormy buccaneer strives for thrill...

Stormy Orion Armstrong!

Like my flag?

Please welcome Stormy Orion Armstrong!
Buccaneer class, level 8.

Wow! What a stunning game KI pulled off! So many added elements Wizard101 doesn't have.
But it's relatively similar to Wizard101 in the beginning.


Buccaneer class is apparently under the influence of Grizzleheim .

Here in Pirate101, you fight REAL combat.
Oh, and that monkey up there is Mr. Gandry, equivalent to Wizard101 Gamma. As well as Boochbeard to Merle Ambrose.

And then you get a cool samoorai from MooShu to be your companion. 
 Now the companions will help you in battle. A variety of companions can be collected and up to three can help you. But pets here have 50% chance appearing in battle. And yes, companions follow wherever you go.
I love the effects KI added.

Armada Clockwork - not much of an armada.

He'll be our Malistaire, I'm guessing?

Then you get to fly your own ship!

Ship combat! Impressive.

Piano at the office!

Just like the days in Wizard101...

A batacuda mount! (Cross between bat and baracuda)

Level 2!

Now Bonnie Anne is supposed to be a tease of the female pirate Anne Bonny, a female captain in the 1720s. She wields a gun in the famous picture of her, meaning she was a musketeer...

Troggy with wide mouth opened.


Level 3.

Strike a pose.

I just love their actions in combat.

KI sent a mail to Pirate101 players and we had to decipher a code. I got a ninja pig companion!

Marcus, a shark.

More sharks.

Level 4.

Saddest excuse for a ship.

I finally get to my instructor.

That's cool, hammerhead shark as a teacher.

You get more cards as opposed to Wizzy.

Alright! A sloth companion!

Level 5.

Then we get to fight actual storm sharks. I really like how their gills are are lightning bolts. 

Level 6. 

Level 7 that fast.

Some cards to collect.

Humongofrog cousin?

Aguila means eagle in Spanish! An eagle world hmm?


Now this is the Presidio. Your first dungeon. I made a mistake of having too many people joining, so it forever to complete.

Level 8.

As a reward, I obtain rat brigand.
Oh and as you level up, you gain companion training points. Those help you train your companion to your level so it would gain the benefits your pirate has.

Your great grandmother is Krokotopian?

Heh, ship in a bottle. But at least I now get an upgrade ship.

Well that's it for today. Enough pictures. I really enjoy Pirate101. It has so much variety, there's more material and game time as oppose to Wizard101, which is limited to areas. I only bought one area so far.
This game is remarkable. Go make an account now!

Shelby Rose: No taciturn rats and sharks today.
See you in the Spiral!-Armstrong

Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Phoenix Hoard

Sup readers?

I've been busy biking and playing piano, but that doesn't mean I haven't been playing Wizard.

Oh! Will you look at that! 15,000 views! Brilliant, thank you, guys. Anyway...

I hear the Pirate101 is almost out and KI's giving away bundles that are quite expensive. Spooky Bob's back and so are Jack and his scarecrow crew.

Good ol' Bob.

Feel like in death row.

Now about this post. The day I got the Phoenix pack was the first when it came out. Must I add, it's one of the best pack ever created. 1) The gear looks wicked. 2) Wand is powerful 3) Fantastic furniture. The gear gives adequate stats except health; it's very low. But the pack gives a Kraken statue! Who doesn't want a Kraken statue? Phoenix: massive flaming wings that stretches through the screen. Let's see the roll.

Sweet hat and bed.

The Snow Apple seems interesting.

Phoenix. Hands down.



Death hat

Death boots

Nice boots, just need the robe...

Another Phoenix?? Alright! And a Kraken!

Just weird ideas they're brewing up.

Finally got the robe.

Got the Gargoyle on my death.

Now let's test that Frost Dragon.

I really like this pack. The gear stats and appearance is magnificent. The possibility of getting something good  from a few packs is satisfying, unlike many past packs.


Phoenix Hoard gear: Heroic Picture of the Day.

 I have to give this pack a 10/10.
Well you guys have a nice day tomorrow whether if you have a day off or not!

Shelby Rose: Demons run... When a good man goes to war.
See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade