Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I met a Gobbler, crafted, and declared myself Glitchhunter!

    Hey guys. On Tuesday, I was at my friend's house playing w101. We had tons of fun. Eric Battlehunter, a in real life friend, found a black lotus spawn location in the Floating Land. Because of this, I finished the first Dragonspyre craft quest, craft 2 Ring of Apotheosis. From that point on, I also finished the robe craft quest. I was like YES!!!
This was the second ring.

 Grimblaze robe one and two: check
Anyway, after that I kept finding more glitches. So I began to glitchhunt, making me a Glitchhunter! I don't know why these glitches keep coming to me. Here we go!

Black and White, very weird. Death and Life. The left side is literally "Nightside".

The celestial furniture was all flashy and glowing all sorts of colors!

  Yay, blue and yellow beam tower! Infinity miles it will go!

OH! It's a butterfly jetting right at me. Fortunately, I am not directly under it.

Wow, it does have an infinite stairway to heaven, but I'm not dead. (Then where am I??)
Later, I went to Vanessa Emeraldglade's house. Vanessa, I hope this is okay. I will not say anything else about her house because she said so.

I met a Gobbler. No, not the gobblers in Colossus Boulevard. I mean the gobblers who say really bad stuff and have no respect for others wizards. I immediately called on Edward Lifegem to see this. Ed and I were trying to fight off this globber. The gobbler's name was Blaze Summersword. He was my friend until he started swearing, so I deleted him. Then he reported Ed AND me! I was very shocked by the actions of this bad wizard. Since I am not a subscriber and Ed was, Ed reported him. We did nothing wrong, and Blaze reported us?? I am glad Edward was there to help me. Thank you Edward Lifegem! His blog has amazing tips to stay safe while on W101.

I hope this never happens again, and I hope this post reminds you about the dangers of trolls, gobblers, and onis.

Shelby Rose: And the fledging flies the coop!

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade
P.S. New poll.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

What a Day!

The Ravenwood Ball was a BLAST!!! I had a chance to meet a lot of wizards! I had lots of fun at Blaze Shadowhorn's mini-party!
Yep, there were tons of wizards in Ravenwood. All those blue stuff over there heads.

Aaron and me twin form! And the badge is Technomancer! *tells Sirs Zeus to stop putting phoenix wings on wizards' back*  This was at Blaze Shadowhorn's Sultans Palace, and we were trying to find some scrolls for a scavenger hunt. We only found 12 out of 20.

This glitch took place in the commons during the morning. Very glitchy.

Disco dance floor?
 So Cody Dragonrider (Superior) received his level 18 spell quest and met a scarecrow.

Curse you, Curse!

Then he leveled up to 19.

His current stats.

Heroic Picture of the Day: This was me when I was a noob. I really liked the colors of it.

Last picture, Aaron Starheart learned this house trick. So I am stuck in this Dragonspyre Brazier. Go ahead put some fire in it and light up my head. Hope you had a great Ravenwood Ball experience!

Shelby Rose: Pleasant peasant with a pheasant.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

Saturday, June 25, 2011


It's the Ravenwood Balll tonight! *faints* There is a really early (really really really early) Ravenwood Ball right now in Ravenwood. Don't forget: Today, 6:00 pm CT, Ravenwood, Vampire Realm, and area 1!

Heroic Picture of the Day: Ed and me at the extremely early Ravenwood Ball.

There are a lot of wizards here.
Malorn Ghostrider's Nighttime mode is back with a sting...

This was on my bro's account. The level "0" came back, too!
Don't ever forget about tonight's ball.

Shelby Rose: I don't just blow bubbles, I blow bubbles with kittens inside them.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting ready for Ravenwood Ball, are you?

 So Aaron Starheart and I are going as twins for Ravenwood Ball because I just saw him wearing the samething I was about to wear. GET READY FOR THE RAVENWOOD BALL EVERYBODY!
Remember: June 25th, 2011, 6:00 pm CT, Ravenwood (duh), Vampire realm, and area 1.
Yep! Twins! Let's look at it a different angle.

Yeah, ready for action! (We are called the Heroic Epicness!!!!!!!!)

 Heroic Picture of the Day: We have hat, robe, and boots the same. So, um, see us at the Ravenwood Ball...
Elijah Lightthief, blogger of Wizardly Diaries, helped me with Kensington Park. We just wanted to farm for rare items.
I really like this dialogue here, "You like music? Well, come on and dance to some Heavy Metal, Wizard."

H.G. Waggs! What up, dog! XD

Aaron and were deciding on the wand. It was either too barbaric or uncivlized. I ran through my huge list of wands and came over this. Glitch is right here. It says: No Trade, No Auction, Arena Tickets Only. Proof here:

Only No Auction...
Anyway, Shelby Dragonriver got to level 11, so close to Natures Wrath! And that Golem thing was for the Natures Wrath spell quest :P. Credit goes to Arlen Dawneyes.

Thanks for reading! Next post is about something to do with being a legendary wizard.

Shelby Rose: The chocolate donut with rainbow sprinkles bounced on a trampoline for 101 minutes.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Golem getting a Life

Golems are not living. They are animated to life from inanimate matter.

So you could say they are living, but they aren't. But in W101, they talk, they walk around in Marleybone in circles, they try to destroy us with gears! It is W101. Anyway, I saw this stray golem in Moolinda Wu's classroom. Don't believe me? Look at this!
I've been thinking about this rusty guy here. What is it doing here? Studying about life? Wanting a life? Is this a spell quest? I mean I just saw this. A new spell quest? Nah, I don't think so. Man, so much things about this guy. Maybe an assistant of Wu, but wouldn't it be serving Balestrom? Hmm...Please comment on this topic!

On Shelby Dragonriver, aka "Brilliant", is done with Firecat Alley. Moving onto Colossus Blvd with Colossal problems. I really want that Nature's Wrath spell. *sighs*

Pour a potion? I never noticed this dialogue ever before.

This is Emily Moonblood, and she helped me with the battle of Prince Alicane Swiftarrow.

Since Emily had the same quest, there were two Feebos.
That's it for now! *sleeps* I have 20 followers, thanks guys! Good night! Well it depends when you are reading this.

Shelby Rose: I met the president of Utopia. He said I could claim it for 500 Twix bar. I agreed.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Awesomeness...of a Panda?

Warning: The following post is somewhat related to Wizard101. Proceed with caution!

You're probably wondering what this post title means. It means...wait! I can't tell you everything, just go through this simulation.

What is the first thing you think of the post title, "The Awesomeness...of a Panda?" Was this it?

Panda BEAR… Dumbass…

Aww...It's so cute! No, this is not it.
Let's try again!
15 Pictures of Pandas Playing
Panda on a slide! Nope, not it.
But was this it?

Meet The Panda, Florida's ace
Yeah, it is!
Yesterday, I bought this extremely wicked sword.
Heckhound, yes, this is awesome!

Oh! The Sword of Heroes, huh? Perfect for The Heroic Pyromancer! Electric lights and sounds! (This sounds very childish. I am not childish. Just making sure.)

Look at the price! From $20 to $6! You got to admit, it's a sweet deal.
Double-handed heroic sword
Yes, I wield it! Do I, like, get any super awesome powers? Heat vision? Kung Fu grip?!
Does this sword remind you of any Wizard101 sword? Let's see.
Wildbranch Sword - Wizard 101
This handle is correct here...

Redwind's Viridian Blade
but the blade itself is perfect. If only I could combine these together...
Well that's it for this random post on pandas or swords.
Anyway, I have an update on meh noob wizards.

Cody here finally beat Colossus Blvd and soloed it. Perfect record so far.

I found this is on Shelby Dragonriver. She's working on Firecat Alley. His name is Taylor Swift. His. I already knew about this is. It's just that I forgot about it, and I wanted to share it with you guys.
Thanks for reading!

Shelby Rose: Even heroes have heroes.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade P.S. Happy Fathers' Day!