Shelby Rose Dedication of Funniness

Well, I decided to have a tab on those hysterical hilarious-ness because, well, they're funny of course. Some of these are just very random, or simply ridiculous. Some have meaning, some just weird. Here you go, Shelby!

~"Merle's monocle jumped out of the Taj Mahal to see if time flies."

~"Leprechauns flew over the Empire State Building, and said hi to Gamma, but then they plummeted their deaths by skydiving on Fire Dragon's wings."

~"Flowers danced and sang around Bartleby, but from nowhere the airplane dropped some pants on top of the Pacific Ocean."

~"The pie named Pi was swimming in the Red Sea, and it liked to eat bread pudding when swimming the backstroke."

~"A kraken went up the roller coaster while eating popcorn and it freaked out, that it turned itself to a lightning bat eating jelly beans."

~"Fire Dragons, Storm Lords, and Frost Giants sat down and had some scones and tea for brunch. After negotiating, they played croquet and tennis. With the confusion and schism, Giants declared war with Lords and Dragons. The Dragons won of course!"

~"The Blade of Thunder was heroic. It wanted zebras and weasels for it's birthday."

~"Weasel cookies were baked with care in kangaroo's kung fu lesson."

~"I drank some milk and talked in cow, but sounded like a frog!"

~"Pizza with soda went to the ball park and swam in the Dead Sea. They didn't float."

~"Even heroes have heroes."

~"I met the president of Utopia. He said I could claim it for 500 Twix bar. I agreed."

~"The chocolate donut with rainbow sprinkles bounced on a trampoline for 101 minutes."

~"I don't just blow bubbles, I blow bubbles with kittens inside them."

~"Pleasant peasant with a pheasant."

~"And the fledging flies the coop!"

~"I'm not funny! I'm hilarious!!!!!! haha."

~"Celestial zebra went spelunking in a weasel cookie."

~"The babbling babbler of babbles babbling babbled a babbling babble of babbling babbler's tower of bable."

~"Quetzalcoatl ate spaghetti with Queen Elizabeth II."

~"Coatlicue had sushi with Genghis Khan."

~"Huitzilopochtli had a nice brunch with Chuck Norris."

~"Life gave Fire, Fire burned Death, and Death regenerated Life."

~"Pigeon Addition, Koala Balloon!"

~"I'm the Doctor, I'm going to need a swat team, a map of Florida, a pot of coffee, 12 jammy dodgers, and a fez!"

~"Pikachu goes surfing while eating maple frosted donuts!"

~"Pie, salad, chicken, ham, sardine, mac n cheese, pineapple flavored ice cream was utterly disgusting."

~" The wild goose chase was a great and awespiring experience with a bike, a wheel of cheese, a bowl of salad, a piranha, some bowties, and a huge flow of mysterious flabbergasted daleks."

~"Professor Frothingslosh was conducting an experiment with a playtpus and some squijax pies."

~"Victoria would like to ignore the Maltese driving the station wagon and the British guards in the tree."

~"Phone cases are delusional with their posh hoodies on them."

~"Mr.Sunshine said hello to Elemental Hero The Shining."

~"Mermaid basilisk solar helmets were being given away at the the local Renaissance fair."

~"Speaker Matthias has halted you to go to the classical era of the Silurian Fair of Elasticity."

~"Selena Gomez went Round and Round and Falling Down going all Magic, I mean A Day Without You is Like a Year Without Rain, but Who Says? Love You Like a Love Song? Pig-like bookworm bottle burners? Yes."

~"We will sing you a song. A song to end."

~"A pocket full of sunshine was handed to Leonardo da Vinci so he could spread the happiness."

~"Benjamin Franklin was diplomatic man, an ambassador of... La La Land!"

~"Mystical Space Typhoon!"

"Linkin Park was linked with a link with Lincoln Park."

~"Nike, Addidas, Champion, and Reebok competed in a foot race. Nike and Champion tied because Nike means "victory" and champion, well, he's the champ."

~"Contortionists were contortioning with uncomfortable contortions at the Contortion Fair."

~"Flapjacks and Bacon boxxed till the their deaths. That's actually called Pankration in Greece. You fight till you die."

~"Allons-y, Alonso!"

~"Alfredo sauce had live concert of Green Day."

~"Bobbleheads of Einstein's agreed that theory of if you punch someone, you get punched back.

~"Me gusta aplastar gaitos. (I like to squish little kittens.)"

~"Mis pantalones estan hechos de brocoli. (My pants are made of brocoli.)"

~"The parasaurolophus played Dynamite, Break Your Heart, and Higher on piano while eating Chex Mix and reciting the periodic table."

~"The perposterous plight of the platypus pie was the montage of planning pastime of Pi."

~"Carnivorous balloons attacked and derailed the Autons for sport."

~"Party rock is in the house tonight! Everybody just have a good time!"

~"Compounds of the cobalt smartboards thrived for confetti and cupcakes."

~"Scarlet vending machines collided for a losing streak at the Baker's Dozens Skeeball."

~"This keeps me functioning in game and blogging."

~"For Fire is both Lifegiver and Deathbringer."

~"Oregano and Forget-me-nots died to the roots of blemish in perposterous poses."

~"Compacted netbooks were quite jolly on when the belts and shoes ascended."

~"No more packs for Piano Man."

~"Spontaneous combustion to the Storm Elves!"

~"Fire extinguishers wore tutus at the Gypsy Carnival."

~"Oscar Grouch is now living in the suites."

~"Leviathan Dragon called itself a bunny under the name of Augustus and Ocatvian."

~"Imposters are not imps, or are they?"

~" Yellow Jello is the first thing I think of when I hear the words "plexi glass"."

~"..the horn shall call"

~"Composition notebooks looked nerve-racking when I was a young boy."

~"Palindromes are my drones in a dome."

~"I'm a helicopter backwards rotating flipping ovverated pie."

~"Valor blades, sabers, and swords."

~"Gobble the Gobbler, it's Thanksgiving!"

~"Orange duct tape under my neon green/gray Nike shoes."

~"Our exhaustive use of test does not exhaust Steve."

~"Treacherous goats drove a blimp to Mt. Fuji."

~"Lava flow in the biome of humidity!"

~"Frosty the red-nosed angel wanted to let it snow."

~"Chicken in a basket."

~"Everyday I'm Shufflin'"

~"Titanium rose to the top to get a rose."

~"Delinquint divergent party rockers were on the verge of time and space."

~"Warp me because I'm fixed in time."

~"Limestone fizzes when acid is applied because it is made of calcium carbonate. Carbonate fizzes, so limestone fizzes."

~"If the stars align, I think you're fine."

~"Dude, I got 75 on the pacer test!"

~"Must. Get. 6:30. On. The. Mile. Run."

~"I'm at a payphone trying to call home, all of my change I spent on you."

~"Time management is the key to almost anything."

~"Frantic narcotic horse jockeys."

~"Walk the plank!"

~"Pilot is to airplane as Pirate is to ship."

~"Only one proton in a hydrogen atom."

~"Bobble to go to Barcelona."

~"Like a monkey could fly out of his window."

~"Chester knows!"


~"Yesterday was the start of Autumn."

~"Demons run... When a good man goes to war."

~"No taciturn rats and sharks today."

~"Do you know what's worth fighting for? When it's not worth dying for."

~"What does the fox say?"

~"Do Transformers get life insurance of car insurance?"

~"Let me be your ruler"

~"You are sixteen, going on seven, baby it's to think. "

~"Onwards and Upwards!"

~"Whosoever holds this hammer, if he shall be worthy, shall posses the power of Thor."