Friday, July 29, 2011

History of My Wizard Life

     Story time! Today, I am going to tell you about how I started playing Wizard101. I know you're all probably going to say, "Ugh," or something like that. If not, you will enjoy this post of my wizard history. Kick back or sit in your comfortable bean bag chair like how Victoria likes it. So I guess I'm bringing the refreshments to you guys. No relaxing chairs though. I don't provide them.

*brings refreshments to audience*

Ok, now you have your refreshments, I guess I should start my wizarding life lecture, and how it started it all!

     It was an early Saturday morning. The sun's rays were striking my face through the window. Digging through my cereal, I was sitting on my couch watching some cartoons. I'm watching and watching, waiting for my cartoons to be back from the boring comercials. But while I was waiting for the cartoons to be back, I saw this wizardly comercial about Wizard101. I finished reading the Harry Potter series as I thought about this commerical. "Free trial!", the spokeperson said, aka Merle Ambrose. I obviously rushed to my mom and begged if I could play it. She said, "When you have the time," That was a bit brief. So one day, I was at the library. The computer was staring at me. I logged on, and I thought to myself, "What could I do in an hour?", considering that I had an hour to play because of the computer limits, I automatically downloaded wizard101 on that computer. I was so excited! Waiting and waiting, my mouse finally higlighted over the "PLAY" button. I clicked it and created my wizard! I was so flabbergasted, and I was chosen into the school of life. It was an awesome experience. I was only playing at the trial. Time was taunting at me as I play... I ran out of time. The computer resets all files when the session closes. No!!!!!!! I was obviously down in the dumps.

     Couple months later... I saw the Wizard101 comercial again. I answered the call to my boredom. I finally rushed to the computer and made an account. Selections were a Boy and a Girl. I am, without any doubt, a boy. O.o Next, I decided a name-Talon Thunderblade. I wanted a "thunder" because it was very electrifying and resembled Zeus, god of lightning and thunder. "Blade" for, well, a Blade of Thunder would be cool. (But bowties are cooler.) And "talon" for the claws for the beast's weapons and spunk. While I was eating my leftover fried rice, I chose my school. With so many questions with the creative doodle, my school was narrowed down to fire. Fire. Yeah, fire! I, myself, thought that sparks of flames in were about to burst. The raw, energetic, reckless blaze was definitely in me. I accepted the school of fire with no doubt, too. I strived myself to the screen and pressed "PLAY." I downloaded and waited for such a long time! *waits for a long time* Finally! *clicks "PLAY* This day was February 13, 2010. The day that changed my life. Wait! Before I go to the next paragraph, I need to tell you this scene. Merle hailed me and wanted to confirm my name, Talon Thunderblade. I confirmed it. Second, my appearance and outift. Red and yellow. Why? Colors of Gryffindor of course! Merle hailed me at once to the trial. Ka-Bam! A storm quaked up, and we saw a tall dark figure on the top of the tower. Headmaster Ambrose slowly walked into the tower as I ran quickly without haste. They had a huge conversation on good and evil, until Malistaire summoned two ice draconians. We fought and fought. And I thought to myself, these damages weren't reasonable. Eh, well. Those pesky draconians fell down to their knees. Malistaire flees, er, disappears. Merle teaches me some magic and tells me to meet him in his office. It won't let me go to his blasted office! So I just quit there, in stress.

    A month later, I logged on back to Wizard101. It worked! I finally got back to Merle's office. Well I wasted a month. I played for awhile. Unicorn Way was my area to accomplish. It was quite the ride! Very fun and worth playing. I was searching gold and more gold. Lady Blackhope was looking at me. I defeated her with a wand a some spells. Triton Avenue took the fun to more fun. As I leveled up, I drew these profile wizard cards on notecards. I drew and drew. Seargent Skullplinter, Kraken, and the Harvest Lord were a challenge. There health was almost up to mine! Friends were there to help. Friends make the game much better. I got bored later with nothing to do. So my mom bought me a $5.00 crowns worth. Firecat Alley and Cyclops Lane were a blast! More friends, the better. Colossus Boulevard, here I come. As I drew I more of those wizard profile cards, they were being revised too much and too frequently. Because of that, I ran to Best Buy to get the Burnzilla $20 giftcard. It gave 5% resist to all. In an addition, I bought the $60 crown sale. Wow. Krokotopia was like a whole new world! Pyramid of the Sun-check. Krokosphinx-check. (Pyramid of the Sun and Krokosphinx were pretty boring.) Tomb of Storms-check. I was really excited for Marleybone. At this point. I "googled" countless searches of Wizard101 this and Wizard101 that. As more searching came to me, blogs were coming up. First one was: The Friendly Necromancer. The first post I read was "An hour with Jordan Skybane." I loved this post! Completely hilarious! I hope most of you Friendly fans remeber that post. I read and read, there were so awesome. I learned about Wizard101 Central. I stared at the pages that could help me in the long run. Well, Marleybone crawled over, and I started this world. By the way, pet pavilion system and Warehouse tower was opened to all around this time.

Do you guys need more refreshments? I have a room full of backup refreshments. Did I hear someone say a "Yeah"? Okey dokey. *hands out more refreshments*

     As a pyromancer in Marleybone, it wasn't that hard because of the all hitting Meteor Strike. Fireblade, Elemental blade, and then Meteor Strike! I used this combo in all mob battles. Beating cats and rats to their peril was a pleasure for those police dogs and canine residents. As I did this, during my free time, I would read Friendly's blog and search on central beyond my world, Mooshu and Dragonspyre. Grizzleheim was a bit off to the side once I got up to Frostholm... Anyway, I met a friend in real life, and his name was Eric Battlehunter. (That's his wizard name.) He was a couple levels over me, but he helped me through the Counterweights east and west. The counterweights levels were cut in half at this time, so it made it much easier to breeze through. I was reading guides on Ironhawk and Deathshard, and they got a lot of respect. Mooshu awited, I was rejoyced that I got in this world. I've been waiting this world to come since beginning of Krokotopia. Oh and Celestia came out about this time. I looked at the Central guides on quest list, and I was like, wow, that is a lot of quests! Pigs, cows, horses, and mutated elephants were lunging at me, and they just did not stand a chance with me and my friends. Three dungeons, three enoromus elephants were defeated. Then the Jade Oni was the last foe in Mooshu. I soloed him. Yep, level 43 pyro,no minion, no henchmen. Speaking of soloing, I soloed a lot of this world.  Mooshu is my favorite world. I 'm still reading blogs, I would check after school to Friendly's and just read and relax. Dragonspyre rolled over the edge. I didnt solo, just a little though. Couple towers and wee health bosses were enough for me. The Great Spyre. I have awaited this part for such a long time because I really wanted my grandmaster robe. I already had my boots, so I hunted down my grand robe-blowing my crowns with Malistaire's chest. I remeber completing this dungeon with Rogan Deathrider and Angel something. Two life and a fire. This day was February 13, 2010, yep the exact date I started Wizard101. So I now I have multiple grand robes of each school. I only have one balance robe though. Celestia just glared at me like it wanted me to be devoured by a shark, a big shark.

That was a long paragraph. I think you guys need some more. *chucks a table of refrehsments at audience*
Oops, sorry. Bad accuracy. Are you refreshed now?


     Celestia was quite the ride actually. I met really good friends here. I hated the first area: Survey Camp. Those fire crabs were piling me with heavy fire spells, that I couldn't deflect. I have to say, Celestia is an awesome world with full pack action and difficulty. The strategy involved is such complex, your deck will have to convert. Yet, still fun! Thank you KI! Well this world had lots of twists and definitely many dungeons to conquer. Celestia took the most time to finish because of it's dreaded blasted quests that can be very vexing. I completed Trial of the Spheres with Sierra Moondust and John Firehand, while I was legendary. Sierra said it was her first time, and she was a legendary at that time. Well around this time, it was the month of May 2011. At this point, I'm still reading blogs. So I made this blog, The Heroic Pyromancer. I started this blog at May 31, but posted on June 1st. So I guess my start date would be May 31. I started blogging because it was purely for fun. As fun grew, I made very good friends. I don't blog for famous and popularness. I enjoy just having fun (and some publicity). Think of being famous as a bonus. If you work hard, your work will be paid off. Being a legendary has many benefits. Waterworks is one of them. I did Waterworks a total of 10 times and received 2/3 of legendary gear. A disadvantage is: you're bored. No leveling up and xp for you. I launched myself back into GH and WT with Christo Spellwraith after I got 2/3 of my legendary gear. Such a breeze! I beat Wintertusk in a week, about three hours per area. I posted and posted. My, what fun I had posting! Wizard City Protectors and Wizard Drawings attacked me! Not literally. Hobbies to keep me alive were there to rescue me because I'm always so bored. Up to this point, I want you all guys to encourage to me to liven up and be a better blogger. Remember my poll on, those songs, which was your favorite? Well apparently, I recorded myself playing the first and second place winners: Dynamite and Hot n Cold. Memorized. Enjoy!


Hot N Cold


Well, I have some news to go over. Selena Gomez is now 19 years old. Happy Birthday, Ms. Selena Gomez. Speaking of Birthdays, it was Edward Lifegem's birthday couple days ago. Happy Birthday, Edward. Speaking of Edward, we need to support him because of all the pain he has gone through, by ah, um, eh. Benjamin Dragonsword suggested an idea to help Ed be brought back to Spiral. So please post a comment on ideas to get Edward back. We don't want Edward to leave, so gives us ideas! Aside that, Dragon's Hoard is 50% off! Go get your crowns and start buying! Victoria Spiritblossom also has a story on her wizarding life, too. Exactly 11 people voted for each different poll. Speaking of polls, I have a new poll up. Which school do you think is the most populated? I hope you enjoyed this post! I'm still hunting for my legendary fire boots. -_-

Shelby Rose: Pikachu goes surfing while eating maple frosted donuts!

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade


  1. Lol, that is actually a good story! You know that's the same reason I chose Talon as a name! Also nice playing. Nice post!

  2. That's a really cool story! XD I love my bean bag chair. Isn't it sort of weird how we can remember details like this. and not remember what we had for breakfast? Or is that just me...

  3. Very nice (long, but all the better!) post! I started my blog on May 31 (2010) too :D

  4. @TALON
    Thak you. ;) Talon is a great name lol.

    It's a cool story, but bowties are cooler. ;P It's quite weird how we can remember things like that. It's because our brains are...or is that our problem?!

    @Arlen Dawneyes
    Thank you and maybe we can host a double blogoversary party lol. Who knows?

  5. Talon I loved this post!!! Great job! And you are so talented as a musician and writer! Keep being awesome! :D

  6. Great story Thunderblade! I love reading about your Wizard101 adventures.

    PS: Thanks for the refreshements and the entertainment (very nice videos). You are a great host and a great friend!

    Sierra :)

  7. Nice post talon! i started w101 on 4/4/09


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