Monday, July 11, 2011

My Many Outifts

Sup, spiralites! Please don't say the sky, it's funny, but a bit old. You could say anvil though, but you would be at the E.R. by then.

Anyway, today I am going to show you my outfits that I wear. Many of you have seen me in tons of outifts. Well now I will just stash them all them in this little post. I different outfits according to how I feel during the time I log on.
Many of you know this heroic outfit. The Heroic Pyromancer trademark outfit lol. I am also wearing the Thunderblade. Makes it even more awesome. I like to have this on just to be heroic and help my friends when they need help. I am also wearing the badge "Hero of Marleybone." It is the only badge that has "hero" in it besides "Hero of Grizzleheim." In order to get that, I need to complete all the quests in Grizzleheim and Wintertusk. It will be a while, but I will accomplish it. This is Heroic gear aka Heroic Picture of the Day lol.

This is my guardian outift. I originally wanted it to be stitched with grandmaster gear, until Celestia came out. But when I was questing in Celestia, Legendary gear from Waterworks. So I decided to stitch this with lvl 58 gear instead. The heroic gear above is also lvl 58 gear. This is Guardian gear.

I look like I am chilling out. Yeah this is me chilling out. I really liked this outfit because it just look prestigious. Very regal. I might stitch this look with my legendary Waterworks gear though. But I am not sure if it's worth it. I mean I know a lot of wizards that have stitch there legendary gear with something they like, so I will most likely to stitch it with this. Chill out gear chilling out!

Who does this remind you of? Friendly Necromancer, perhaps? Well this outifit is dedicated to The Friendly Necromancer. Not copying him, so it is the Fiery Pyromancer. But then again it is The Heroic Pyromancer. This is the just joking around outfit. 

And this one. The only thing missing here is my legendary fire boots. I am still hunting for them after 10 Waterworks runs. Thunderblade is also here because, well, my name Thunderblade lol. Bird is also the Word! Overall, I think this is the awesome Heroic gear.

Please leave a comment which outfit you liked best. Number them 1-5, 1 being the greatest and 5 being the "eh, it ok." I of course like all of them because I chose them. Aside from outfits, let us gather the latest poll information: What do you like about my blog?

Everything Heroic! (everything!)
  9 (81%) That's good.
Shelby Rose's Funny dedications
  4 (36%) Also good.
Heroic Picture of the Day
  3 (27%)
Glitch pictures
  3 (27%)
Nothing. This blog is terrible
  3 (27%) If you are the person who voted this please leave a comment if you did. I am not kidding this time.
My Adventures
  3 (27%)

Thank you for voting on that poll. It tells me a lot of things. Also, I thank you guys for the 21 followers and about 2440 page views. I owe it to you. Please visit this site: The Life of a Spellcaster. Follow it if you want.
Anyway, next post is about my long lost twin brother? Thanks for reading!

Shelby Rose: Coatlicue had sushi with Genghis Khan.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

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  1. I think your joking around outfit is cool (but, of course, I like them all).

    Sierra :)


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