Friday, July 15, 2011

The Glitch, the Success, and Wizard Drawing Edward Lifegem

     Well before I start this post, I just want to say that when my family goes out to dinner and eats at Friendlys's, it always, always, reminds of The Friendly Necromancer. Well anyway, today we're not here to discuss about scrumptious ice cream from Friendly's (but I would love to). No one voted on my poll! Well except one who is Blaze Shadowhorn. Speaking of Blaze, the previous post was a hit! Look at all those comments! Thanks guys, I appreciate it! I found some glitches. Yes, very random. But Talon, how do you keep getting these glitches? Eh, I don't know, maybe the computer, maybe something I pressed. As you see on my blog, there are a few new tabs: Glitchhunting, Heroic Pictures of the Day, and Wizard Drawings. I really don't know what was happening. Let the glitches unleash!

Okay, so apparently, I got into this really, really flabbergasted gltich. It looks like it has been remodeled and desgined again.

I don't know what I seeing! It was very frustrating!

Where are you, NPCs? Come out, come out where ever you are!

Ah! Storm the Castle! With designs!

It looks like we're in a museum with high-tech security...

Blaze! If you are reading this Blaze, it was really hard to gift you guys because of this glitch! ok?

Where art thou, Shivering Spear?

Glossy, I would love to ski on that. Just not at a 90 degree angle.

Ooh, hang ten, surf is definitely up! Cowabunga!!!!

Look at Fin's Character page! All techno and abducty!

This is the commons pond. Wait! The aliens have gathered all the liqud for its' research! I shall get it back so we can swim in it once more! *gags for more water*

*reports Merle Ambrose about this* *yells* Help us Merle, help me!*yells*
Now you get it Blaze! The pandemonium is killing me! *faints*
Ok, back to reality! I love reality, my home and always my home. Speaking of reality, I like salad! Ok, I'll stop being on a castrophic alchemic experimental apocalypse. In other words, I am random. Well from the post title as you can see, you are all excited for the Wizard Drawing! Especially you, Ed!

Clicky enlargy! Speaking of "enlargy" Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 is out! I am so hyped I am going to see it today with my irl friend. Go Wizard City Protectors! Blaze Shadowhorn has a made a new blog about us Wizard City Protectors. Follow it! And speaking of drawings, I have a huge line of wizards waiting to be drawn. Ready? Sierra Moondust, Bailey Skystaff, Friendly Necromancer, Vanessa Emerladglade, Nicholas Lionrider, Mark Stormhunter, Quinn Dragonwhisper, and Diana Wildheart. Whew, that was a mouthful! And yes, I linked all of these off the top of my head. I will have lots of fun when drawing all of these wizards.

Heroic Picture of the Day: Sierra Moondust, THP, and Timothy Legenddreamer talking about lots of stuff.

Glad you made it out of this blasphemic post.

Shelby Rose: Life gave Fire, Fire burned Death, and Death regenerated Life.

See you in Hogwarts!-Thunderblade *grabs a seat, 3-D glasses, and popcorn*


  1. Cool glitch! my computer never giltches it just lags all the time! id rather have it not lag and have an awesome glitch like that happen!

  2. Hi Talon - I’m your fan from the Far East – the other side of the planet. Your drawings are amazing! Can you create a picture of me?


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