Saturday, July 2, 2011

What to do when you're a Legendary Wizard

Heya, wizzies!
There are tons of wizards out there that are level 60. All legendaries completed every main quest in the Spiral (unless you leveled up by side quests and/or dungeon quests.) You have nothing to do. Fortunately, I made this guide for you legendaries out there. Here we go!

When you're a legendary...wait! You need to know what being a legendary means. It means to have sense holding on having the nature of legend. Therefore, once you hit legendary and completed all the main quests, you should:

Pet Train: You want to get the best pet you can get because when you try very hard to get the talents your pet receives, the difficult training would have been paid off. The pet can also help you in combat making you a better wizard.

Help Your Friends and Those Noobs: Now because you are a legendary some of your friends might not. In that case, you are bored, and you should help them get to legendary. It similar to a cycle; you help them, they help others. Others help you, you help them back. I will guarantee you that you'll be satisfied when helping a friend.

PvP: As helping as your friend in combat environment, you should fight to player(s). As you build up strategy in mobs and bosses, you can build up strategy for other wizards. PvP is a great way to show off your legendary awesomeness. Oh, the arena tickets you get!

 Pet Derby: This exercise is more of a jumping game. But it also ties in by pet training, striving for fantastic derby talents. Aside from the arena tickets you recieve, those pets that you can get are pretty sweet.

Badgeseeking: I have been badgeseeking. Badgeseeking is a lot of fun. It gives you a chance on how much time you spent on just beating 200 dragons, 500 golems, or 2,000 undead. I will be doing this until the new world comes out.

Glitchhunting: Glitchhunting isn't really possible to do. Those glitches just randomly come in by an interruption. But if the glitches come to you, take a screen shot of it and post it on your blog. I am thinking about making an organization of this "glitchhunting". (Please remind me about this becuase I'll most likely to forget.)

Pet Collecting: I am a pet collector myself. You can obtain a pet by buying them, farming them, or hatching them. Make sure you have tons of gold and a lot of spare time. Also, you can bring a friend with you, so they can benefit, too! I love pets.

House Decorating: House decorating can express how you think and act. Make a themed house or a house you live in! Try bugging those rugs and other items. Malorn Ghostrider has a craze about housing at his blog. I bet there are kajillian of furniture out there waiting to be farmed/bought. *cough cello cough*

In conclusion, I think being a legendary wizard means to do the things you want to try. Maybe you have, maybe you haven't. Just go out there and try those things out. I hope you like my guide.


Well, then, speaking of glitchhunting (or not), I found a couple more glitches to share with you guys.

This one was Eric Battlehunter fighting for the level 35 spell quest. Couple glitches here: it's all black, that chest is floating, Vognir looks like it wants a big hug, and Runethief forgot his Rune staff!

Hmm...Missing cards, very strange...How do cards dissapear, but have there space in there domain?
I hope you like today's post and guide XD.

Shelby Rose: I'm not funny! I'm hilarious!!!!!! haha.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

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