Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Long Lost Twin...Blaze Shadowhorn?! New Profession

    Hey readers. Okay, the title sounds a bit crazy. At midnight yesterday, Blaze Shadowhorn, mywizard101site, wanted to farm Stormriven. I was low on gold-160,000 so I decided to farm Stormriven with Blaze...with a 3 hour chat with him. I didn't know that we had this much in common. I found out that Blaze was my twin because of our thing we love and enjoy. It was very late, I told him I was half-nocturnal. Now half-nocturnal is when you sleep and are tired most of the day, but somewhat awake. Then you really active during the night. You stay up, you become really hyper, but then you get tired, just a bit. Now I know what is feels like to be nocturnal from a real person's view. I think Blaze knows what I'm talking about considering our "twintuition." I'm not going to spill out what "twintuition" means because you gotta go to Shadowhorn's blog to learn more, besides he can explain more thoroughly ;). That's because I want to.

     Still farming and discussing. Then asked him if he knew any songs like: Dynamite, Magic (BoB), and Haven't met you yet. He did. I asked which instrument he played. He replied, "Instrument? Do you mean instruments?" Blaze plays he piano, drums, and guitar. Guess what? I do to! I was very surprised. Then I wondered if he plays any TCG, trading card game. Not those games like turtle and slap. He plays Chaotic and Yu-Gi-Oh!
Chaotic is scheduled forThis summer, the Yu-Gi-Oh!

Chaotic is literally "chaotic." You have this army, and you beat your oppenents army while surviving your hits and you surviving their hits. It can be a harsh and long duel/battle. Blaze is fond of the Mipedians, the invisible repitilians. Whereas I favor the overworld ruling Overworlders. You can also play online by "entering the code." Yugioh is very similiar to W101. Your objective is to reduce your oppenents life points to 0 before he or she does to you. You have a 40-60 card deck to beat your oppenents starting with five cards in your hand. As we chat, I noticed a lot of our similiarities. Then we talked about books. Remember the post about my favorite books? Well I guess Blaze was also hyped that I liked those books, too.

Percy Jackson reviewThe Lost HeroKane Chronicles 1: The RedThe Throne of Fire by Rick We LOVE these books! Blaze and I are huge fans of Riordan's works. Blaze made a story about Lightning Thief series meeting up with Kane Chronicles. I hope it gets published because I would be the first one to buy it. We are also dying for the next installment in Heroes of Olympus. Yeah, HEROES.

Watch Harry Potter And The
You know this awesome wizard? Of course you do! We are also dying to get this movie released. Huge fans again. If you haven't read this books yet, you have no idea what you're missing out. From this experience, I began to think that we were twins. Blaze also thought of that. From that point on, we just declared we were twins because of our link, "twinuition." We could predict what spells we would play. It was awespiring and fantastic. We had tons of more things in common. I couldn't believe Shadowhorn also liked the things I liked.  Go check out his blog for his twin post from his perspective. http://www.mywizard101site.blogspot.com/ Well I hope you enjoyed this very twin-ey post. Oh, before I leave, look at this Blaze!
Yep, you were the mystery person I was drawing! Told you you never would guess it ;P! So I decided to take a profession: drawing wizards! I absolutely love drawing because of it is fun and challenging at the same time. I already have a line wizards waiting to be drawn. I am drawing Edward Lifegem currently. Then it's: Sierra Moondust, Bailey Skystaff, Friendly, Vanessa Emerladglade, and Nicholas Lionrider. I will sign all of them with "Thunderblade." Gonna be awesome!
Fallon Skyhunter, a good friend of mine, was the first one I drew. Click on it to enlarge it. There is so much blank space because I scanned it. Because of my profession, there will be two Heroic Pictures of the Day! Yep, I'm glad you made it through this post and didn't die. And yes I drew these with care.

Shelby Rose: Huitzilopochtli had a nice brunch with Chuck Norris.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade


  1. Very twin-teresting post Talon!

    Your drawings are very good.

    Sierra :)

  2. Funny thing is, I've read every Percy Jackson book twice XD. Plus I have a card book full of chaotic cards, go Overworlders!

  3. Hey Sierra! Lol twin-teresting XD. Thanks for the compliment.-Thunderblade

  4. Wow! Nice post :) and wow! You are really an artist! Very nice :) Lol Blaze told me about you guys having a lot of things in common in game.

  5. Breath Taking twin :) I love the drawing sooooooooo much! It is gonna go on my wall (hang it on my irl wall) and on my blog XD
    Cya in the Spiral Twin!
    Your twinterific twin,

  6. Hey, Blaze! Glad you like this post and the drawing ;) Are you really going to post the drawing on your irl wall lol?SYITS Twin!-Thunderblade

  7. If I were you, I'd put in consideration drawing x cough x The Elementalists x cough x you know, just a thought XD


  8. You are quite an artist. Love your drawings. Great job!!! :)

  9. Nice drawings! Where is me :(?? Great post! I am low on gold (1000G)


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