Glitchhunting calls a Glitch-capturing. These wild glitches must a have dwelling place to stay. Because if I didn't have this page, chaos would break loose. So you could say it is a laboratory. Beware the glitches. If you find a glitch, hunt em down! I will be updating this obviously.

Level "0" Quinn Dragonwhisper

No Trade & Arena Tickets Only?

Nighttime mode Scorpion

Level "0" again


Again, self-explanatory

Disco Dance Floor!

Black & White Pokemon XD

Flashy Celestian Furniture
Yellow blue butterfly!

Time frozen butterfly?

Infinite height

Underground MFP Vanessa Emeraldglade!

Another angle of Van's MFP.

Black background, wooden chest floating, staff floating, Vognir ascending

Missing Cards!
Ah! Storm the Castle! With designs!

Where are you, NPCs? Come out, come out where ever you are!
Glass dome...
Where art thou, Shivering Spear?

Glossy, I would love to ski on that. Just not at a 90 degree angle.

Fin's character page all techno.

Where is the WC commons pond?! The Tritons stole them!

I have my crowns, but that costs 80 crowns? What?

Ah, a glitch, two Zachary E. And I do NOT have two Zachary E.

Elijah Stormheart round house kicks nothing! While we just look at him mindlessly.

Elijah here is all dark in the back.

But in the front, he's not shady. He's light (thief).
Also we're high up above on the summit of Elijah's Massive Fantasy Palace.

This was way back in March when I was trying to get my Grandmaster Gardener badge, but I had a hard time to get there because of this glitch: next level would go back to level one novice.

Level 0 Diana Wildheart's party!

It's the Vashta Nerada! Quick, check if you have two shadow behind you!

The "Piranhas of the Air" have been dwelling here for quite a while.

That's what I call "pitch black", except the blue water part.

Am I...sitting on nothing while playing the piano??

Again, check if you have two shadows. If you have no chance of suriving. Good luck with that!

Harry Potter seems to have misplaced his invisiblity cloak! That's because I stole it!


I think it's supposed to be a Fire Minion. So a Fiery Judge.

I'm missing my foe and dueling ring! How I'm supposed to face them?

because it is a DEATH scarab with it's base color! You can somehow get these by going through your attic at the house tab. Because these are base colors, you discover much more than this. So keep exploring!
Peculiar. The only school that can have a stormzilla is Storm.
Same as above. The only school that has this pet is Ice. I obtained this via Earthwalker.

I can only capture an ice wyvern by shared bank, but since I don't have a 55+ Thaumaturge.
It's my helephant!

Well, the toolbar crept up, and my shadow phoenix is scarlet red while the regular phoenix is fine.

Toolbar! That is actually a Plague Oni...with plague...

The amulets! Crowns only??? Arena Tickets only? I got this from Snowcrusher! And it's not in the crowns shop nor from Diego. GLITCH.

There isn't supposed to be "no trade", "no auction", "crowns only" nor "arena tickets only".  Weird.

No trade, no sell, arena tickets only? How is this possible lol?

Not a death troll, but a night time mode troll.

Why is there a leopard between an ostrich's legs??

On the edge.

What do you think?

Shopping District, that's what's inside those stores.