Sunday, September 23, 2012

What Talon Has Been Up To and 100th post!

It's the 100th post, and it's gonna be MASSIVE!

First,  I am glad to reach this milestone of 100 posts and 14,000 views! Thank you, readers. Couldn't do it without you.
Second, how do you like the new Heroic Pyromancer blog style? Improved?
Third, let's see what Talon has been up to!

World: Avalon
Area: The Wild
Boss: Calista

We're quite magical, aren't we?

Monty Python referernce right there!

I love that image.

The Wyrd is part of the Weirwood.

World: Avalon
Area: High Road
Boss: Jabberwock
Cheats: Yes
Difficulty: Diabolic

Jabberwock was pretty hard, yet I wish he was a mount.

Sarah helped me fight him and got a wand. Thanks, Sarah.

No thanks...

"Who ever said being a Wizard was easy?"

Title: Knight Errant


There's something behind that flipped over wagon...

Pfft. It's just an imp.

Weird guy with half of body of stone and an additional head.

The thunder is his stomach.

Who makes that sound when they're eating???

Oh so the Leprechauns turned him like this!
Then I do some bidding of his, and they return back to normal.

Both of them agree.

That thing looks really ugly.

Later after questing for him, I was really close to leveling up, so I battled these fire dragons.

Yup, soloed those three.

Valor Swords here..?

 I turn in the quest and...
Level 75!

On level 75, there's is a spell a wizard may obtain.

Apparently Ms. Yellowknife misplaces things oftenly...

And in return, Backdraft!
Backdraft is like Supercharge, but is a trap instead of a blade. It's also 5% more than Supercharge.
And must I say, it's POWEFUL.

There's so ugly.

I really like the armor of that knight.

And he's the Nameless Knight that you must beat.

He has the Sword of Kings???

Whos' invited the mermaid?

What's a thrice-doomed cur????

Cur. 1. dog considered to be inferior or undesirable; a mongrel.
2. A base or cowardly person.

Oh so the Nameless Knight took the sword for evil was named that because of his actions.

Not so nameless.

Rightful Heir Talon: Heroic Picture of the Day.

What's a stag doing in the purple pond?

Not only steal the sword, but killed King Artorius for it...

...This has been interesting news for the Avalon Inquire...

I hear Kingsisle will be releasing Pirate101 in early October, so it's around the corner.
And there are already bundles to them.
I feel quite overwhelmed by how much they're throwing at us. I've been thinking if I should play or not. I mean I might just to see how it is, but probably won't go that hardcore, unlike Wizard101. Life is just so full of decisions, isn't it?

Thank you for reading this post and my blog! 

Shelby Rose: Yesterday was the start of Autumn.
See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade


  1. Amazing post Talon! Gratz on 100 posts :D I wish I was level 75 and in Avalon but sadly i'm still at the beginning of Zafaria >.<

    Happy Traveling!

    1. @Blaze

      Me too! I am at the beginning of Zafaria, I try to do my quests but they bore me I:

  2. Whohooo 100th Post! Go Talon!!! Pirate101 is about to be released! Very excited! If you're gonna play it Talon you must add me on there XD


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