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Concert Experience, Why steer i a, and Mark and My Party Review

Greetings, my friendly spiralites! I just came back from a Selena Gomez concert! Woo! I'll tell you what happened. It was a very rainy day that it was raining firecats and frost beetles. My feet and socks are completely soaked, and I have to wait for extrememly tremendous lengthy line. 30 minutes later, we arrived at the stadium, and wow, did it take a while for it to set up the stage. Then again it was raining furiously with firecats and frost beetles. Christina Grimmie then started it off to get us excited and pumped. When it finally got very dark, everyone was cheering and hyped for the concert to start.

Luckily, it wasn't raining. Selena started it off with "A Day Without You is Like a Year Without Rain"!! Instead of singing her lyrics, I actually did sing Friendly's lyrics parody that song, A Day Without 101 Means Selena's in Pain. Was it fun! I also sang to "Round and Round" and "Love You Like a Love Song." I bet you remember last year, where Selena hit the spiral and everyone swarmed through Crab Alley. I really miss that story line. Next, she sang "Falling Down" and "Who Says". Ms. Gomez lastly ended "Magic." There were obviously other songs other than these mentioned. This concert has brought me the message to never give up in what you believe in. No one can stop you. Thank you, Selena Gomez! This experience/night will never be forgetable. Why don't I share "Falling Down" with you readers and friends?

Enjoy! I don't own this video.


Wysteria is out for all wizards levels 25 and up! Hurry up and log on! Yes, Wysteria was spelled that way before it came out. Victoria and I are all giddy, KI answered us! Well actually, I guessed that Wysteria would come out the day before Mark and my party. I will tell you what happened later this post.

You know, the beginning of Pigswick Academy quests is close to the enrollment of Wizard City when you first enter. You talk to the teachers, and they explain what the schools do and teach. Personally, I feel like this such a fail of parody of Ravenwood, but in a good way. I'm not saying that KI did a terrible job, they did an excellent job on Wysteria! So very close to Harry Potter though.

I have a ton of pictures to share with you! Skip to the end if you'd like, but that's the number one leading cause cancer in fruit bats... Fruit bats.... Eh well, enjoy the times of Wysteria I had! Also, you might to sit back and get comfy because this will be a long post of pictures. I mean each pictures is worth a thousand words, if there are, let's see.../counts/  46! That means 4,600 words! Enjoy (if you can)!


Ok, this is like Beauxbaton, Durmstrang, and Hogwarts competing for the Triwzard Cup, instead of Triwizard Tournament Cup it's the Spiral Cup. You, your wizard, is Harry, and you are "summoned" from Merle to win the cup this year. You launch into Wysteria and.... Renfro, moomintroll, cryptozoological

 Hey, look the Spiral Cup! Why don't I take this, and....Oops! It was a portkey to the graveyard....o.o

 You know, this reminded me of Harry's Chamber of Secrets. The basilisk...
 So the next world, hopefully, will be Weirwood. I really want this world to come out. I'm guessing it will come out at the end of this year.

 And Mirage, I really wished that world, wouldn't be similar to Krokotopia. I mean the sand still lingers in my throat. At least put that world second from Weirwood if they come out.
This is a great view of the headmistress's office. It's not cramp and full of books. It has a breathtaking view, does it not?

Then I meet the teachers. I didn't expect a cloud beast to teach a class. Weird. He looks so cute in that outfit.

Gobbler from Colossus Blvd, huh? Are you a graduate of Stink Academy?

 Ah, a Marleybonian. Should you be researching over there? No? You would like to expand your studies here? Profounding.

 This first thing that came in mind when I saw this was that NPC, in Sudrilund. What's her name, was it Tyra Banks. No, it's Thyra Birghtspell!

Why aren't you at where the Frost Giant sleeps?

Notice the ghost coming out of the grave...

 I knew this was coming, a mander teaching the school of fir, er, I mean ember. He's got scope on his left eye.

I never suspected a Riverclaw to be teaching. He's got a monocle like Merle Ambrose.

 A small fountain? That's man made! Or is it pig made? Bartleby is from the ground.

One of the best pig activites: piggy is spinning loops and loops round and round. >_<

This was the first wyvern I saw. You know, if you have a bone dragon, there isn't much of a difference. The bone dragon has just been skeletalized. KI just added some skin to it to the bone dragon into a wyvern. The wyvern is just bigger.
Spkeaing of the wyvern, I'm going to explain a bit of today. I really wanted: the wyvern mount obvisously (don't we all), new pets, and outfit. I got most of the outfit. Pets I got were Life Ghoul, Treant, and Earthwalker. With all of the crowns spending, I got tons of trees. In case you didn't know, I spent 9,576 crowns, which is equivalent to 24 packs. Whew, that was relieving. I am glad that that I told you that, so now I don't have to be all skittish and guilty. I'm sorry for Autumn Duskhunter that she spent 32k for it and got nothing good.

Because of the so much furniture, I decided to make a benefit out of it. I had extra room at the back of my MFP. I put some trees here and there. As I got more, this space became a forest, and since I got a teleporter from the wyvern pack, I'm making this maze! Once I reach a mark on this blog, I will release this maze of mine, and hopefully many will come. Just stay tuned. (I maxed out housing space at my MFP, 500/100 bank, 100/100 shared bank, 80/80 backpack capacity, and max gold. You can see I'm in a dangerous position. I better go to my alts sell...

I really don't like this idea of KI putting this "pack gambling" or "lotto." I mean I'd rather spend my crowns on something I know what I will get on a grander scale rather than blowing my crowns on a smaller scale with a chance of getting 5 mounts out of like kajillion things not knowing what I'll get. KI is a running business, that needs to get there money-by buying luring younger audiences like us and younger kids to buy these packs that sweeps away your money. I'm not saying that you shouldn't try for it. It's fun to try for a couple packs. But once you get to point where you know it's bad, stop. I stopped, I hit 24 packs, and that's enough. Limit yourself. Same thing goes with gambling in Vegas. It's good to try for 30 minutes, but don't blow your time and money. Remember: limit yourself. There's my two cents.

 I quite like ths crazy outfit. I look so...berserk, wild.

KI changed the treasure cards icon when you receive them.

I prefer my satyr dancing on my luscious lawn rather than being a NPC in Pegasus Palace.

I freaking want this mount! So does Nick Lionrider, it's so flaming like Blacjack from Percy Jackson.

Oh and the Oni/Helephants. They look more like Plague Onis to me. Tower of Helephant has a fire oni: Kogasha. I'll review this on the next post. I promise.

FLAPJACKS!!! Gotta have your flapjacks! Do you go to IHOP?

BOOKS!!! Victoria and I can't get enough of books!

Pig Activity: pig floating on a comfy chair, reading a book, and his or her wand twirling and hovering over it.

Pig Activity: Female pig hovering and sitting in content while reading a book. Why do they get to hover their wands?

I find this an interesting story. It briefly explains the roots of Pigswick Academy. Go read it if you haven't.

 My Pigswick Academy outift! Yes! I can now be the 10th Doctor.

I think this is my favorite place out of all of Wysteria, the Library Archives. It has books! Lots! I bet I could spend my whole life there. Food, entertainment, and furniture, is already provided. :)

Now this would be an awesome wand to wield. I love the static there.

I really want this as a housing item! KI, please add it!

You know, these Green Men, are just strange, aside from their groovy grove moustace. That's cool.

This line is one my favorites: Time to review your homework. Today's subject: traps! To be honest, this battle would be very difficult for wizards 35 and under.

I love this picture here. All tangy and woodsy.

KI, you should definitely add this to a pet selection! It looks so cool!

Ah, a glitch, two Zachary E. And I do NOT have two Zachary E.

 Finally, all is restored! All is we...

Ack, gorgon! Shield your eyes! Before... Oh you got turned into stone already, nevermind.

 Yay, I win!

Hey, I found my extra credit! Who knew? Don't remember? Click me.

YES! The badge I get! Thank you, Merle and KI!

Well what do you know? Ms. Gomez would like to enjoy some pie and cheese for my reward! Nom.

In conclusion, I love Wysteria! Most fun world ever! Thanks, KI! I beat this the day it came out in approximately 5 hours.

Mark you better be reading this. The party lasted 2 hours. We had lots of fun.

This was an awesome part of Mark's Sultan's Palace. Checkmate! Stoprmzilla!

We then were hunting the bottle burners.

Mark, these were the remaining people, aka the Remainders. Victoria Spiritblossom, Talon Nightshade, Elijah Lightthief, and Sierra Moondust. To be honest, there was a four way tie. Elijah found 8, Sierra and Talon N. found 7, but Victoria wasn't playing. So I decided to give everyone 3 codes to each of them to be fair. I hope all you had fun! Renfro, moomintroll, cryptozoological: these were some words I learned that you could say. Oh that reminds me, Heroic Picture of the Day!

After completing Wysteria, I just had to get a picture of me in the 10th Doctor outfit. This was the closest set I could get. Speaking of Doctor Who, Victoria (Smart Allec Wiz) and I decided to make a partner blog! It is called Smart n Heroic Timelords. Please check it out! Follow! Thanks!

Ok guys, I think you had enough. Eat your breakfast, it's good for you. Bacon...mmm...scrambled patties and links... Wait, those are mine don't take them! My food!

Shelby Rose: Selena Gomez went Round and Round and Falling Down going all Magic, I mean A Day Without You is Like a Year Without Rain, but Who Says? Love You Like a Love Song? Pig-like bookworm bottle burners? Yes.

See you in Wysteria-Thunderblade

P.S. Notice my header. And please vote on my poll!

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