Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I met a Gobbler, crafted, and declared myself Glitchhunter!

    Hey guys. On Tuesday, I was at my friend's house playing w101. We had tons of fun. Eric Battlehunter, a in real life friend, found a black lotus spawn location in the Floating Land. Because of this, I finished the first Dragonspyre craft quest, craft 2 Ring of Apotheosis. From that point on, I also finished the robe craft quest. I was like YES!!!
This was the second ring.

 Grimblaze robe one and two: check
Anyway, after that I kept finding more glitches. So I began to glitchhunt, making me a Glitchhunter! I don't know why these glitches keep coming to me. Here we go!

Black and White, very weird. Death and Life. The left side is literally "Nightside".

The celestial furniture was all flashy and glowing all sorts of colors!

  Yay, blue and yellow beam tower! Infinity miles it will go!

OH! It's a butterfly jetting right at me. Fortunately, I am not directly under it.

Wow, it does have an infinite stairway to heaven, but I'm not dead. (Then where am I??)
Later, I went to Vanessa Emeraldglade's house. Vanessa, I hope this is okay. I will not say anything else about her house because she said so.

I met a Gobbler. No, not the gobblers in Colossus Boulevard. I mean the gobblers who say really bad stuff and have no respect for others wizards. I immediately called on Edward Lifegem to see this. Ed and I were trying to fight off this globber. The gobbler's name was Blaze Summersword. He was my friend until he started swearing, so I deleted him. Then he reported Ed AND me! I was very shocked by the actions of this bad wizard. Since I am not a subscriber and Ed was, Ed reported him. We did nothing wrong, and Blaze reported us?? I am glad Edward was there to help me. Thank you Edward Lifegem! His blog has amazing tips to stay safe while on W101.

I hope this never happens again, and I hope this post reminds you about the dangers of trolls, gobblers, and onis.

Shelby Rose: And the fledging flies the coop!

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade
P.S. New poll.


  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures Talon! Too bad you had to run into that Gobbler and had to delete him -- but you did the right thing :)

    Take care and keep up the good work.

    Sierra :)

  2. Yeah, I did the right thing XD. I was actually kind of terrified at the scene. I hope I don't encounter that ever again.-Thunderblade

  3. Oh, if you want to see the finished area of my house, Talon. I finished :3! Nice post!


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