Saturday, June 18, 2011

*Runs to Bazaar, becomes Donald Trump*

Sup, gang! *cues theme song of Celebrity Apprentice*
Sorry for not posting =(
Few days ago, I saw this at the screen loading page:

Go to the Bazaar when you get loads of gold. I came across this site when I just hopped on to the internet: A Life of Fire. I really like these helpful tips. I can't tell you anything else because you'll need to go to that site to read it for yourself. I like to keep some stuff becase they look pretty awesome. I guess what I'm trying to say is this:
Yes, I'm ashamed. I think I hold a record of most stuff in bank. I have maxed out shared bank before, too.
**EDIT I do not own record of most stuff in bank: Ben , Quinn's (from Fin and Quinn) brother, has the record of 1,100. Thank you Blaze and Fin for telling me!**

Oh, and this is my current stats.
Anyway, you know I'm the Heroic Pyromancer. What about my alts?
  • The Superior Necromancer-Cody Dragonrider-Thanks to Fallon Nightbreeze *gives credit*
  • The Brilliant Theurgist-Shelby Dragonriver
  • The Fantastic Conjurer-Chase Titansword
  • The Creative Diviner-Alexander Stormtalon
  • The Magnifcent Thaumaturge-Victoria Rubysword
  • The Outrageous Sorcerer-Adrian Legendcaster                                                                                                                                                                Yeah, those seven words that pretty much describe me XD.

Heroic Picture of the Day: This was at Luke Goldhorn's fantastic party. It was pretty darn awesome. Bailey was a featured wizard. And apparently she has a Burnzilla too! King Zeus, meet Lord Hunter!

Shelby Rose: Pizza with soda went to the ball park and swam in the Dead Sea. They didn't float.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade


  1. nice post dude XD Very sad that I couldn't make Luke's party :( Got to add him today though XD

    BTW Fin and Quinn have 800+ items in their bank ;P

  2. Umm no you don't have the most stuff. Ben(Quinn's little brother) does with 800+ and used to have 1100+(before he sold)-Nice blog. Oh you know you can take screen shots, by hitting the print screen botton. -Fin

  3. Fin, your blog was already added. -Thunderblade


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