Friday, September 2, 2011

4,444, Flap and Decorate, and Diana Wildheart Party!

Hello, wizards! Yes, THP is on vacation meaning no Wizzy.

Ok, so how has your start of the school year been so far?
Mine's been great, not hard at all. Fun. You know, making some ground...

Right, I finally hit 4,444. You see, that number is a palindrome. What is a palindrome you might ask? A palindrome is where a phrase or number that when you switch it around, it is the exact same thing. Examples: Bob, racecar, Madam, I'm Adam, some men interpret nine memos. Got it? Good. Now 4,444 reminds of death death death death. I just don't like the number four. It's like when the 10th Doctor: He Will Knock Four Times. His song/journey ends when he knocks four times, concludes death. But death isn't quite death for a timelord. A timelord regenerates. One burts into powerful combustion and turns into a younger physical look, but still ages.

Like this:

He's 27 turning 28 this October actually, youngest Doctor actor ever. (There are a total of 11 doctors.)

Flap and Decorate, huh? What's the first thing you think of when you see the word "flap"? A pegasus (I hope)! Yes, I knew it XD. These are exactly like the ones in Pegasus Place, Wysteria. I really love them! I mean, sure they cost 12,500, but they look totally wicked! Too bad we can't buy it in gold though. The one in all dark fire is called Nightflame Pegasus. The one all holy and graceful is the Skyracer Pegasus. Now who's gonna which? I personally might get the Nightflame one becuase well it's freaking hot! Nick wants one, too. It also reminds me of the pegasus that Percy obtains, Blackjack. And there is a new poll up! Which new pegasus mount are you going to buy? Speaking of poll, I'm glad and thankful that I have about 40 votes on the current poll, Which school do you think is the most populated? So far... Death has sucked out all of the life here. That's just great.

And now there's "decorate". The new houses have arrived! FINALLY!!!!!! I CAN NOW SPEND MEH GOLD ON SOMETHING AND NOT WASTE MY TIME WHEN I'M ON WIZARD!!!!! Sunken Palace is like a Crab Alley kingdom, where it's flooded and crustacean. Whereas the Wizard's Watchtower is similar to an observatory, a dungeon, and a fantastic view all in a house. So which one are You going to get? I'm getting both. :D Yeah, my gold, you know me. Just waiting for something worthy to buy.

Diana Wildheart! Yes! She is hosting her irl birthday! There will be contests, pvp, and more! It is...

September 9th Friday
7:30 CST, 8:30 EST
Life Tower

Hope we will see you there. For more info, click me.

Oh, and you have noticed about the 4's here? 43 posts? 4,444 views? 40 followers? Almost 40 votes on poll? Really bizzare...

Well, that's it for now!

Shelby Rose: Flapjacks and Bacon boxxed till the their deaths. That's actually called Pankration in Greece. You fight till you die.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade


  1. The number of stalks of a lucky bamboo plant has meaning. 4 symbolizes death there as well XD

  2. I know another one: "Able was I ere I saw Elba."

    Peter Davison used to be the youngest Doctor (#5) at age 29, and he's my favorite classic doctor.


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