Monday, September 26, 2011

The Friendly Glitch


Once in a couple months, when I post a post, my post doesn't appear on Friendly's blog roll. Even though there are 40 some followers and many other blogs with my blog on their blog roll, I get most of my views from Friendly's blog. The post doesn't seem to appear because I think the traffic was high during the time I was publishing it. I mean some posts I work so hard and stay up late to just to blog, and it doesn't appear on Frienly's blog roll?

I digress.

I can only just hope that I get enough views equal to the amount of hard work I put up with the post I publish even if the post doesn't appear on TFN blog roll.

And if this post does appear on his blog roll, I'm going to ask you readers to view the post below this. It's finny... I mean funny, that post. Please? Thanks. (I stayed up till 12:30am just to blog. >_<)

Shelby Rose: Compounds of the cobalt smartboards thrived for confetti and cupcakes.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

P.S. This is the first time I used the new Blogger interface to post, and this is the second time I posted twice in a day.


  1. But it's 7:38, eastern time. Eastern time is as high as it gets in America o:

  2. I`ll post your blog on my blog list talon and if any one else wants to be on my blog roll email me at:

  3. Sorry about that! I have no idea why it wouldn't show up. /shrug

    Keep up the good posting! :)


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