Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First House Showcasing-Autumn Dreamwalker! DWH Party Review

Wazzup, spiralites! Couple days ago, I got the chance to see and showcase an amazing house of Autumn Dreamwalker's Watchtower Hall. Autumn runs the blog Secrets of the Spiral. Check it out.

So today I remembered that I still needed to show Autumn my so far decorated Sunken Palace. She ported and toured around. At the end, she asked me I wanted to see her house. I said yeah and was whisked away. Here we go!

Grand Entrance. The scenery is so luscious.

A maze...with a teleporter... Where could that lead to..?
It leaded me to here! Forest green guppies wearing magical hats!

Second maze which leads to gardening area.

Hmm... a cave...

Did anyone bring marshmallows?

Crafting station.


Ah, a nice shower.
It makes a silhouette.

Library, I like libraries. They are like a home to me.

Quiet place.

The Office. Pun intended
Dining Area. Dig in.

Bedroom. Everyone needs their sleep.

Pet area. Quite quaint.

Living room/bar, as Autumn recalls it.

A cliff... to make your thoughts expand or fly away.

Then Autumn had to go, but I got picture thought. *hugs friend* Heroic Picture of the Day lol.

The end of tour of a wonderful, full of life house by Autumn Dreamwalker.
Autumn, I really enjoyed the tour of you awesome house and showcasing it as well, an honor.
Friday, the life tower was packed. Wizards waiting and talking, greeting and having fun. But the party didn't even start. I thought Diana was sick or something. With the much socialism, I got to meet and add: Sarai Griffinsong, Angel Winterbreeze, and Cassandra Hexthorn! 

There's Sarai.

Angel of W101 Moments.

I met KBB now four times.
When Diana logged on, I asked if her I could port to her. At that same Diana Skullheart, her alt, said port .
This might be only half of the people that attended.
Once you come in, you'll find yourself shrouded in leafiness, a maze of life.
Level 0 returns! Diana did a nice job on the boulder maze.
Unicorn Sanctuary! Friendly would love this!
I really want some of these pets and statues. Diana deserves it though for her hard work.
Hmm...a teleporter. Too bad I couldn't reach it, or anyone else because I think we all somehow technically ported to Kevin Battlteblood. It all led to him, I think.
And Heather sees me from a distance. We start running... Sprinted. But the Dalek comes out from the view. It extermina--- Nevermind. Thankfully, Heather Raven and I survived and added each other. We have some Doctor Who history.  We tried to meet up again and again, but now finally we met up. I had to go. I really wanted to stay though. At least I attended the party rather than not go to it. I will review the poll results on the next post. I'm in school, so bye!

Shelby Rose: Mis pantalones estan hechos de brocoli. (My pants are made of broccoli.)

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

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