Monday, June 6, 2011

Pet-a-Palooza, Sudrilund Brush Up, and Phoenix Pet!! (finally)

Well there's Mount-a-Palooza, why can't be there a Pet-a-Palooza!

Notice it says some up to 50% off. They also have a crown sale, therefore KI can get more money.

Right, then, Sudrilund.
I have to say that Sudrilund is easy! I soloed all the bosses there, and remember I don't use henchmen or minion. Then you get to be a raven warrior thingy.

Are you my appetizer?

Let's go to Jorda's Cave

Not a glitch here. This is is because of the elixir.

My Heroic Stats. I am so close to the badge "Bird is the Word".

After the transformation.

You never trusted a giant, hmm...

I can now go to Nordrilund and get my beloved Phoenix pet.
My Phoenix pet quest (finally)!
Yes, yes it does! I have awaite this for a long time!

Then how does the Phoenix egg survive in the harsh and chilly climate.

Ok then, *followes a bear*

Why are there draconians in the barren blizzard?

Wow, 13,756 Fire damage. It had a Fireblade 35%, Elemental Blade 35%, 48% Fire gear damage 48%, Feint 70%, Convert Fire damage to Ice damamge 50%, and Gargantuan 225. Although, this isn't my biggest hit, it is 14,484. But to who?! Malistiare. No boost whatsoever, just a ton of treasure cards.

Yay, Phoenix pet!!!!!!!! Finally! That's it for now!

Shelby Rose: A kraken went up the roller coaster while eating popcorn and it freaked out, that it turned itself to a lightning bat eating jelly beans.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade


  1. Lol. That transformation is so cool lol. I seriously have to finish with Grizzlehiem.
    Do you interact with stuff in the Transformation? Have a nice time with the pheonix pet!

  2. Hey, Talon. The transformation is actually a 5 minute elixir, so you have to hurry up. With the interaction, you have to go thru a dead dragon's skeleltal mouth and talk to Sudri in 5 minutes. And yes, you have to walk there, but it's not hard. See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade


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