Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Heroic, Epic, and Uh...we need help with name! Malorn's Party!

     Ok, so the other day, I did a Kensington Park run with Aaron Starheart (Epic Thaumaturge) and Mark Stormhunter ( The Elementalists). We had so much fun there! We really wanted the exclusive Seraph pet and or the rare Cello furniture. None of us got it. At least we finished it in an epic heroic way. Also! Since I am The Heroic Pyromancer, and Aaron is The Epic Thaumaturge, what should Mark be called? I decided on "Mega". Mark somewhat liked it. I read on his blog and saw some of them: devious, deadly. That was all. Please comment for suggestions on Mark's name! (I'm thinking of devious though.)

Me and the crew. Michael Windvault came at the last second.

Mark and I look at Aaron suspciously.
After the run, Aaron really wanted to see Mark's Airship house because he missed his party. So we went there. Aaron was amazed, for me, it was just an aftermath.

How Elemental!

Creator in the middle and apparently, Mark grew some fire wings! And I got a Kraken stuck to my leg.

Malorn Ghostrider's party! Right, then. Let's see.. who was there...
So that's Epic, Heroic, and my bro Valdus Dragonhammer.

Malorn's famous rug glitch.
Thanks, Malorn for hosting the awesome party!
This is Blaze Shadowhorn's Sultans Palace. I met a couple of famous wizzies here: Bailey Skystaff, Amber Rosepetal, Quinn Dragonwhisper. Well actually, Quinn, I met him at Malorn Ghostrider's party. And yes, Bailey is my friend. Speaking of friends, I bought an Evil Sandman because I'm a pet collector. I named it Duke Sandy. Thanks, Blaze!

Heroic Picture of the Day. I'll be having Heroic Picture of the Day from now on.
This is me, Edward Lifegem, and Elijah Lightthief in Crab Alley.
Just in! I saw Quinn Dragonwhisper's character page. Look at this!

Level 0! Wow, I've never seen this before! Everything else normal though. Well that's it, until next time!

Shelby Rose: I drank some milk and talked in cow, but sounded like a frog!

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade


  1. Wow...I have the best stats of any novice I've ever seen :P

    I need to learn my secret, I have a magus death that can use stats like those rofl .

    Really like that picture of you, Mark, and Aaron, it's really nice for some reason.

    On my iPod, so can't write a ton, but see you in game.


  2. That picture of Aaron, Mark, and me looks so...trio triplet like, very elemental lol. I love that picture. See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

  3. I agree with Quinn. The picture has a certain thing about it that is very eye opening XD

    Also thanks for the mention XD It was really fun and you guys threw a party at MY house while I wasn't even there! nawh jk lol hope ya had fun :)
    -Blaze Shadowhorn

  4. Hmmm... names for Mark...

    Devious would be good but if you want more thoughts here are some...

    If you want to go more with the devious theme you could use... Immortal, Evil, Sinister, Indestructible or Wicked

    If you want to go more with a heroic theme you could use... Daring, Valiant, Adventerous, Audacious or Infamous

    Just to name a few off the top of my head.

    Sierra :)


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