Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mark's Party (yesterday), PvP Tips, and Vestrilund Brush Up

Marks's Party was a blast! Let's see...we: - toured around at Mark's Luxury Airship, danced at Mark's Luxury Airship, costume-judged at Mark's Luxury Airship,

Most of the people who attended
Sierra's tiger intrudes. It wants more attention apparently.
Some sort of line up here.
From left to right: Mark Stormhunter, Samuel Iceward, Sierra Moondust, Talon Thunderblade (me), Malorn Ghostridr, Patrick Hawktamer, Wolf Something, and Caroline Moonstone

Somewhat scattered here.


Winners of the Costume Contest: Sierra Moondust 1st, Patrick Hawktamer, 2nd
Mark Stormhunter and Mark Raventhorn were the judges.
And yes that is my costume, it is supposed to be "The Fiery Pyromancer" (Friendly Necromancer look alike)
But I am The Heroic Pyromancer.

 x salutes x IT'S THE FRIENDLY NECROMANCER! x screams then faints x

"Just how I like it."

moved onto Mark's Carnival, toured around Mark's Carnival, pet-judged at Mark's Carnival, moved onto MFP, PvPed at Mark's MFP, and said good-bye at MFP. We had so much fun!

The first PvP was a 2v2; Sierra and Talon (me) vs. Mark and Mark. lol So it was a balance fire vs. storm ice
In other words, Sierra and  I won! Thanks, Sierra! Check out her blog:

Ok, PvP tips.

I won 2 battles, but lost 2 of them :(
  • stitch wands-your opponent will be very confused on which school you are in.
  • dye outfit-same as above
  • stitch outfit-look like a noob, your opponent will underestimate you, thinking that you are a noob
  • switch badge-like "Hero of Unicorn Way", "Golem Tower Champion", or "Wizard City Protector" Why? Underestimation
  • don't talk-your opponent will be able to see your stats and find your weak point. Even if you are tempted to talk, don't. They talk, their bad. You get to see their stats and find their weak point!
In conclusion, look like a noob. Why? Underestimation. Also don't talk! Hope this helps!

In Wtt...
I completed Austrilund. It was easy, nothing else said. Vestrilund was next. So I called in my good friend Jennifer Starhaven. She heped me with a couple bosses. Then she ported and needed to help another friend of hers. I had a bunch more bosses left. I scrolled down my friend list if anyone was available to help, but everyone was busy. What to do, what to do? Buy henchmen to help? Nope, I soloed the bosses. (remember, I didn't use henchmen , treasure cards, or minion) Man, these bosses had health ranging from 5,000 to 7,500. I forgot how much fun soloing was. I used to solo a lot in Mooshu. Until Dragonspyre came around the corner. I stopped soloing right there. After DS, I was in Celestia because of their mountains of health. I didn't dare solo anything in Celestia (except the mobs). I was just trying to get used DS. So, now in Wtt, I just Fireblade, pass or shield, and Fire Dragon. Well, off to Sudrilund. Speaking of Sudrilund, I can get my lvl 55 spell Power Link. I can't wait for my Phoenix pet! I just need to complete Sudrliund, Nordilund, then Nastrond.

Shelby Rose: "The pie named Pi was swimming in the Red Sea, and it liked to eat bread pudding when swimming the backstroke."
See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade


  1. Great PvP tips Talon!

    I also wanted to comment that I'm a witness to your solo efforts. When I ported to you because I thought you might need help you wouldn't let me do anything but stand there and get all sparkly with all the pips I accumulated. You killed that boss and his minion all by yourself. You are indeed a Heroic Pyromancer :)

    PS: Thanks for mentioning me in your blog.

  2. Thx, Sierra, I appreciate it. Those Wtt bosses are that hard are they? Your welcome (mentioning your blog) Lol: stand there and get all sparkly! Made me rofl.-Thunderblade

  3. Um i suspect you are using a real camera or a really bad digital picture taker. Your pictures come in a bad quality i suggest using Fraps its a free software that many use to talk pictures in wizard101. Great blog


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