Sunday, October 16, 2011

SUPPORT... and some other news

I would never make it this far without support: the support of readers and friends. Support is always there that is if you try and presevere. Now since my readers and friends support me, I want to support them as well. I obviously don't want them to quit blogging because they have dreams to pursue also. I want them to prosper and succeed or at least get known in this community.

So if you could be a dear (that sounded weird), PLEASE follow these blogs or even so more browse through their blog. I would be more than grateful and they would be grateful if you did. They need support. Don't let them fall just because you couldn't do anything about it, but you can do something about it. Follow their blog. Simple as logging in and pressing the "follow this blog" button. Please? It's really not that hard.

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Ok, so I have 50 FOLLOWERS. Now since I've been going with th "5", I will release my maze once it test realm is live. I want to decorate more with the option that test realm give. I can just wish if the test goes to live.

I have made an academy: Spiritblade Academy! Yes. I am in the process of decorating my MFP. It is going to be excitng. Obivously, I am headmaster, but who is the headmistress? Victoria Spiritblossom. That's why it's called Spiritblade Academy. "Spirit" and "blade".
October 11, 2011 Spiritblade Academy Establishment
Couple days ago, it was raining. I was bored, so I grabbed my skateboard and skated. I decided to do a mega ollie. And guess what. I some how didn't land properly so I feel on my lower back and palm-planted my left palm really badly on the cement. I almost hit my head. The axles were loose and my shoes against the board was slippery. I got onto the sidewalk not saying anything and walked into my house. I decided myself that I went to the clinic/hospital. This was the first time I ever did anything (stupid) like this. I waited and waited at the clinic. They called my number and waited again. So I took my first actual x-rays, and it turns out I sprained my left wrist. Thankfully, I only bruised my back... just really badly. It hurts everytime just to sit and stand up. I will heal back though.

I recently just ventured and gained my first Youkai battle. Yes, it's sad. But I got the Sword Saint badge at least.

"Sword Saint"
Then I was called to be a model for Vanessa Emeraldglade? Ok...

Well, I got the Royal Attire due to the 2000 crowns off it. I really like the design.

Since I was decorating my MFP, I needed more trees. So I tried the Wyvern Pack for it. And guess what? I got the freaking JADE WYVERN.
Wow. After all the torment, I finally got it.

I name thee "Emerald".

Have you ever seen Rebirth from a distance? If not, here's your chance.
Yeah, it's Gargantuan.
Sorry for not posting that much. I've been busy :/ I hope you guys understand. I have much better posts coming though.

Shelby Rose: Oregano and Forget-me-nots died to the roots of blemish in perposterous poses.
See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade


  1. Man, thank you SO much for driving in a few more people! I can't really thank you enough!!!

  2. Thnx talon! I once tried to jump a tricycle once with my scooter. I actually ended spraining a hand and foot. I hope you feel better!! Btw congrats on the wyvern!


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