Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Hero's Friend Awards

The answer is friends. This is the awesome post I was telling you guys about.

This keeps me functioning in game and blogging.


(This "awards" is similar to the Emmy Awards.)

Who doesn't need friends? I mean, they support you, listen to you, laugh with you, and have a great time with you. This factor keeps me going and makes up of most of my existence both in the blogosphere and Wizard101. I've made countless loyal friends the past months of my blogging career. Friends are gifts that never go away and will never be used up. They are dependable, strong, trustworthy, and respectful.

Whenever I log on, I am always excited to my friends, immediately spending my time just to say hi to them. And when all of sudden a bunch of them logoff, I become distraughtful and so lonely because in real life, I don't make much bonded friends that are in my city. (I have lots of friends nationally and internationally though.) In that not-so-compatibility phase, I make much better friends in game rather than in life. Out of the blue, my friends list that are online fill up, I get all giddy and just hey or hi. And when they reply back, the warmth in my heart strengthens.

It's the gift that keeps on giving. Do good, good will come back. Karma. I although, I'm Catholic, so I can't really believe in that. You'll feel good in the inside.

The Friends Awards is dedicated to all the friends, especially my friends. Refreshments provided.

The following friends are on my friend list, so these are in my perspective. Please don't be offended.


A friend that is nice and fun-loving.
Elijah Lightthief. We talk on Skype, Gmail chat, and of course Wizard101 about everyday. He's been an early friend of mine ever since I started this blog. Elijah has a different way of expressing his style of outfits, which I like. His "coolness", if you will, is always there.

A friend that is supporting and always looks the bright side of life.
Edward Lifegem. When stress intrudes, he's there to cheer you up and produce a smile on your face. Ed's always positive and one of two leaders of Wizard City Protectors, which I have joined couple months ago throughout his post on his blog. His face and hair in game is exactly like mine. I remember the time when I posted a couple comments on his posts just to meet him around mid-June. In fact, I got to meet and add Blaze Shadowhorn and Friendly technically from just meeting Ed! So thank you, Ed!

A friend that helps you in questions and other mechanics.
Kelsey Fireheart and Diana Wildheart. These women are always there to aid you questions and other mysteries. Even though they are deaf, they are human, and they can still assist you in just about anything! I met them at a Luke Goldhorn's party, when they were "featured".

A friend that is a true Gallifreyan as much as I am as well as a Jedi.
Heather Raven. Even though we haven't been friends for a long time, we had scenarios similar to Doctor Who episodes. We tried to meet up again and again. Conflicts and fate collided, until Diana Wildheart had a party, and we finally met. We love Doctor Who as much as Star Wars. A journey of friendship has just begun.

A friend that is overjoyed when I'm around.
Bailey Skystaff. She's always cheerful and excited whenever I log on and say hi. I remember the day at Luke Goldhorn's party, Bailey and I dancing on the dance floor. Cherised memories. We are the best pyro buddies out there.

Friends that spend a lot of time on Skype.
Arlen Dawneyes, Alia Lotuspetal,  Jennifer Dreamsinger, Amber Rosepetal, Mary Dreamshade, and Quinn Dragonwhisper. I joined Skype not too long ago, about couple months actually. I talk to these wizards just about everyday. Besides being buddies on Skype, I will give them each an individual award in an award. Arlen Dawneyes, you are so finny, I mean funny. Even though I'm taller than you and have a deeper voice than you, Arlen is loving friend on wizard and on Skype. Alia Lotuspetal and, ah, with your "Touhou" talk and anime, I never know what you're talking about as well as the Alice, Alia, and Marisa thing XD. We do love cheese though. Jennifer Dreamsinger, we say "..." and "O_O"a lot in every skype conversation. Amber Rosepetal, always so cheerful, talking about life, and talking about anime as well as Mary Dreamshade talking about anime and naming me "Taleena". Quinn Dragonwhisper, finny, I mean funny also. Your LOTRO enthusiam and life stories somewhat inspires me.

A friend that loves the piano as much as I do.
Kestrel Shadowthistle. I met her at her party, and I have to say, it was a great one! Then I searched on Skype "Kestrel Shadowthistle". I found her name. And now we talk about life and piano, pop and whatnot. We both can play "Pokerface". I tell her all my piano events I come to and up to date. Best piano buddies out there.

A friend that is Epic.
Aaron Starheart. He is the Epic Thaumaturge. I remember when back where he helped... me a lot and when I wanted to do my second run of Waterworks with Aaron by commenting on his blog. As well as wearing the same outfit not knowing we wore the same to this year's Ravenwood Ball. We use to call each other "Epic highness" and "Heroic highness". We still do. Even though Aaron is barely on Wizard, I can sense the epicness everytime I'm on Wizard. Good times, Aaron, good times... *bows down to "Epic highness."*

A friend that are friends in real life.
Eric Battlehunter and Marcus Dragonwraith. These guys were in my school, and we sat a the same lunch table, just the three of us, everyday. We talked about so much Wizards and and just random oddities. In fact, I made a compound formula back in November: NP2D. Necromancer, 2 Pyromancers, Diviner. The other pyromancer wasn't at my school, but he was close enough to be in this group. This society was called "Guardians of the Spiral". Back then, Guardians of the Spiral was never a thing in the blogosphere. I miss them being on Wizards though.

A friend who is adventurous and dependable.
Vanessa Emeraldglade. Ah, I cherished the time when I posted comments on her blog. And when Malorn's party brewing up, I got the chance to add her! She remembered that I was the Heroic Pyromancer. And now I'm drawing a wizard of her. Vanessa is a dependable friend, she's there when you need her, in a jiff, like a lightning strike.

A friend that loves housing.
Malorn Ghostrider and Markstormhunter. Without doubt, these guys love housing. I am very fond of Mark's Luxury Airship, which I could never create that. I love the way Malorn expresses his way on decorating extrememly talented because I always fail when trying to make a themed house. Go look through blogs and you'll see what I mean. Aside from them being housing guys, Mark and Malorn are kind and there to help you. These guys actually have been with me ever since I started this blog. Thank you, Mark and Malorn.

A friend that is a friend to all.
Thomas Lionblood. Tom is an awesome friend to have around. The Friendly Necromancer is truly friendly. Sure he has a lot of friends, yet he can remember. Even though we haven't been friends for a long time, I wish I could by starting this blog earlier. But history is history. I asked him the other day "How many times in a week are you on wizard?" "Daily, on alts or hidden," Tom said. Well, at least I could somewhat feel his presence when I'm online. Ask him a question, he'll most likely answer it correctly, at least what think I heard... XD I hope we can continue this friendship, Tom!

A friend who finds me funny.
Shelby Rose. Now I don't recall when I met her, but the first time I actually talked with her was back in Hrundle Fjord, Wintertusk, beating up those frost skulls (ice skeletal soldier). I do recall that same day saying to her that I was Mr. Awesome. I, for some reason, started getting funny and started saying random things like: salad is good. Second, I remember she said I was really funny. So at my second post on this blog, I decided to, in honor of my friend, have a funny quote of something random, meaningful, and/or hilarious each post.

A friend that has the same name as me.
Talon Nightshade. Back in June and July, at any party or event, at least someone would get confused over Talon and me. Only we knew the difference. It does feel very weird when you are saying "hi talon" back, thinking that you're talking to yourself. I'm still not use to saying that. Oh, and Talon, I still want to see your house, so don't think I have forgetton about it.

A friend that has your back all the time.
Autumn Dreamwalker. I am very fond of that Grizzleheim house you own! I added Autumn when I was with Edward Lifegem, commons, obviously. Her generousity is extremely....generous. I remember those contesets for just commenting and there was a winner. Even though I didn't win, which I didn't want to, her kindness and friendliness warms your heart. At least I still get to see her on Wizard rather than not seeing her at all.

A friend that loves mac n cheese as much as I do.
Nicholas Lionrider. WE LOVE MAC N CHEESE. It is one of the best things ever made! We talk and chat on Skype just about everyday. I tell him the things I've been doing on piano and whatnot. Sure, he plays more Mincraft than Wizard, but because he has brought his own idea world into Minecraft, Zebrifica. Notice Mincraft's abbreviation is "MC". (Mac n Cheese!) I met Nick back when Ed had the first WCP meeting. I remember reading his blog before I became I a blogger. Didn't know he had blue hair till I met him in game because he almost always is covering his hair with covering hair hats.

A friend who helped me on my first Waterworks.
Sierra Moondust. If she didn't help me on that, I would not being typing this award. She helped me through Celestia and Wintertusk. Memories still linger. Sierra and I have been friends since... May 15, 2011. So five months of friendship and trust. We are still hanging in there. Even though she is an adult, I never knew that she was one till couple months ago because I asked her and she also sounded like young teen. The thoughts I have... We are really good friends in game.

A friend that is my twin.
Blaze Shadowhorn. Ok, this goes way back to June. Remember me meeting up with Ed? Blaze wanted to meet me as well. Blaze was on Wizard because it was the run with Thomas Lionblod, the Ravenwood Radio crew, and him. I will cherish that night because it was such great time. I got to add four famous bloggers (or at least to me). Edward got to add Friendly also! So one very late night, Stormriven, he asked if I wanted to farm with him. Although I had almost max gold, I still wanted to help him and save up drops to my shared bank so I could get more gold. Obviously, you need to talk about something when farming and battling because if you didn't there wouldn't be much fun. I started talking about my likes, which lead to more of hobbies. Turns out we had all things in common hobby/likes-wise. We eventually confirmed that we were twins. In fact I made huge a post dedicated to him here. Blaze and I really wanted to meet each other in real life. We thought it could never happen, but... We actually did meet up...twice. Yes, you read right, Blaze Shadowhorn and Talon Thunderblade met in real life at *insert city name park* It took forever to meet up in real life because it was completely unplanned. The conflicts were so desolating, but we made it through the end...twice. I talk with Blaze just about everyday. He inspires me, that twin of mine...

A friend that is unique as me, quirky, and smart as me.
Victoria Spiritblossom. Oh, wow, where do I start? July 24. I met up with her in game. Too bad I had to leave 30 minutes after I just met her. Since I had her email from trying to meet up, which we did, I emailed her talking about it's so hot. The emailing went back and forth. By email, you do not know how much time is in a day because in my view, couple days, were more like several days, but it wasn't. Ever since July 24, I have been emailing her. We became really good friends, that we even a share a partner blog, Smart n Heroic Timelords. We adore Doctor Who, share the same knowledge, and are very nerdy. But we are PROUD of being nerdy. We don't care how people look at us because WE ARE NERDY. We are RANDOM. We OFFSET each other. We have CHANGED each other's lives by giving each other support and just plain funniness to keep our day going. No matter what stands in our path of friendship, it will NOT break. Victoria is a GREAT friend to me. I play her songs I know on the piano by Skype to her. Even though we've been friends for less than three months, it is A LOT in email time. Victoria and I always have a great time on Wizard. Oh the memories. We tell each other about our life and is truly, sincerely a fantastic companion of mine. I am honestly honored. Thank you, Victoria.


Are you guys astounded that you didn't even get up just to get seconds on refreshements? If not, I will poke you with my Terminus staff.

The thing is... friends are there when you need them. I love of all my friends. Let me give you a hug.


Megabulously, I would have never made this far without them. They are the best things that happened to me. It thrives my soul do blog and login to Wizzy. Thank you guys, friends, and readers! I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed this post. I really do.

(I didn't post this much this week because this post took forever to write about. And these were completely thought of when I just think about my friends.)

Shelby Rose: For Fire is both Lifegiver and Deathbringer.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade


  1. This post really brightened my day! Thanks a bunch! I apologize go not being around much lately, and hope you as well as the rest of the Spiral can forgive me.

  2. Aww thank you! You're an awesometastic friend too. And it's not a terminus staff, its called a dead guy on a stick! XD

  3. Aww shucks Talon thanks; I am usually on it just is whenever I get on I see your name and start to say hello when you disappear we should find the time to do the tower of the helephant together (I could use some gold).

  4. No surprise I didn't get an award I havent been on in ages thanks to Roblox and when i do log on it's "Hi," "Hi," *log off* XD

  5. @Elijah Lightthief
    Thanks, took me forever.

    @Mark Stormhunter
    You are very much welcome, glad I helped you!

    @Victoria Spiritblossom
    Oh dear lord... Your welcome, companion.

    @Aaron Starheart
    Terrible timing lol. I really want to get that badge! We shall pwn the evil forces!

    @Malorn Ghostrider
    No prob.

    @The Strong Sorcerer
    XD Roblox is kinda fun.

  6. I'm honored to be one of your award recipients... and I'm even more honored to be your friend :)

    I'm not sure why but most people in-game think I'm a teen. Maybe its because I'm just a kid at heart!

    Sierra :)

  7. Wow thnx Talon, lol. And just tell me anytime when you want to see my house!


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