Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting ready for Ravenwood Ball, are you?

 So Aaron Starheart and I are going as twins for Ravenwood Ball because I just saw him wearing the samething I was about to wear. GET READY FOR THE RAVENWOOD BALL EVERYBODY!
Remember: June 25th, 2011, 6:00 pm CT, Ravenwood (duh), Vampire realm, and area 1.
Yep! Twins! Let's look at it a different angle.

Yeah, ready for action! (We are called the Heroic Epicness!!!!!!!!)

 Heroic Picture of the Day: We have hat, robe, and boots the same. So, um, see us at the Ravenwood Ball...
Elijah Lightthief, blogger of Wizardly Diaries, helped me with Kensington Park. We just wanted to farm for rare items.
I really like this dialogue here, "You like music? Well, come on and dance to some Heavy Metal, Wizard."

H.G. Waggs! What up, dog! XD

Aaron and were deciding on the wand. It was either too barbaric or uncivlized. I ran through my huge list of wands and came over this. Glitch is right here. It says: No Trade, No Auction, Arena Tickets Only. Proof here:

Only No Auction...
Anyway, Shelby Dragonriver got to level 11, so close to Natures Wrath! And that Golem thing was for the Natures Wrath spell quest :P. Credit goes to Arlen Dawneyes.

Thanks for reading! Next post is about something to do with being a legendary wizard.

Shelby Rose: The chocolate donut with rainbow sprinkles bounced on a trampoline for 101 minutes.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

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