Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Golem getting a Life

Golems are not living. They are animated to life from inanimate matter.

So you could say they are living, but they aren't. But in W101, they talk, they walk around in Marleybone in circles, they try to destroy us with gears! It is W101. Anyway, I saw this stray golem in Moolinda Wu's classroom. Don't believe me? Look at this!
I've been thinking about this rusty guy here. What is it doing here? Studying about life? Wanting a life? Is this a spell quest? I mean I just saw this. A new spell quest? Nah, I don't think so. Man, so much things about this guy. Maybe an assistant of Wu, but wouldn't it be serving Balestrom? Hmm...Please comment on this topic!

On Shelby Dragonriver, aka "Brilliant", is done with Firecat Alley. Moving onto Colossus Blvd with Colossal problems. I really want that Nature's Wrath spell. *sighs*

Pour a potion? I never noticed this dialogue ever before.

This is Emily Moonblood, and she helped me with the battle of Prince Alicane Swiftarrow.

Since Emily had the same quest, there were two Feebos.
That's it for now! *sleeps* I have 20 followers, thanks guys! Good night! Well it depends when you are reading this.

Shelby Rose: I met the president of Utopia. He said I could claim it for 500 Twix bar. I agreed.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

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  1. Yep, thats a Life Spell quest Golem (level 12 one, I think..?). Sometimes, after a wizard has recently completed it, the Golem will stay there for a few minutes, it seems. You just have to recharge it(several things required, Golem Tower I believe) and earn Nature's Wrath in return :)


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