Sunday, November 6, 2011




I can't believe he just gives it to you after one craft quest.

Heroic Picture of the Day: Finally received Grandmaster Artisan status

After couple months of rumaging and searching for pearls, I finally crafted the Seal of Seven Seas. The thing that was the hardest to obtain were golden pearls. The best way to get that is either realm-hopping in the portico for pearls to transmute or snipe golden pearls and pearls in the bazaar. Then today, I found literally about 38 pearls in the bazaar. You can also transmute 10 black lotus to make a pearl, which I did. I already had 7 golden pearls, and with the transmuted pearls, I had the requirements to create that amulet.


Well, um, speaking of badges, I sought through with determination and also got the badge "Napoleon Complex". It's quite unique...

Reminds of me of Napoleon Dynamite and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Yay ^^
I also found a glitch that the ring was not highlighted.

And I got the Wysteria Explorer badge actually that day, but I found all the wallflowers on the first day, I just didn't turn in the quest till now.

So 3 badges in a day. Impressive.

SO FAR in Zafarica...

I actually haven't been there yet.

A.  because I don't want it to be a spoil
B.  it will bore me in Live Realm, doing the same things again
C.  didnt' buy crowns/sub

I'd rather wait,  just work at my own pace, and simply have fun.

Shelby Rose: Composition notebooks looked nerve-racking when I was a young boy.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade


  1. "A. because I don't want it to be a spoil
    B. it will bore me in Live Realm, doing the same things again"
    Are we the only people who think like that? Also, loading takes forever on my slow PC...

  2. Nice Talon! Grandmaster Artisan Wow lol. I am still working on trying to be a master artisan. XD!!

  3. Yay! Another person like me... I haven't been there yet either. I like to wait for the live ream.

    Sierra :)


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