Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Dusk Sets to Night

I'm not sure, but, uh, there is small chance that Autumn will read this...

A dear blog has left the spiral, but not entirely. She has kept it as an...archive. She will be missed dearly in the blogosphere. This blog is Homework in a Graveyard aka HiaG. Autumn Duskhunter has brought us one of the best times, experiences, and posts to all of us. She has done great and awespiring to our community.

Here's what I commented on her blog. I mean archive.

"We will miss HiaG dearly, but in way of celebration. Thanks for all the unforgetable times, fun, rants, comments, posts, contests, and experiences you have shared to us readers and friends. A great blog will be shined and not ever forgotten. The spiral will continue spinning onwards and frontwards with this grand end of a fantastic blog. All songs must end.-Thunderblade"

This definitely deserves "Heroic Picture of the Day".
We will celebrate this in a light of hope instead of grief. I met her once during this year's Ravenwood Ball. Miss Autumn has been a great wizard, friend, blogger, and a fantastic role model to all of us! Thank you, Autumnal Dusk. We will definitely cherish you archive with care. It's in great hands! No hands like good hands!

Shelby Rose: We will sing you a song. A song to end.

Tenure for Dworgyn and Be Well!-Thunderblade

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