Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wizard Drawing-Thomas Lionblood and Ice Beetle Pet

     Today is Thomas Lionblood's, The Friendly Necromancer, birthday! Happy Birthday, Tom! In the honor of his name, I drew the wizard drawing of him! Here is your birthday gift, Tom!

Wow, huh? I hope you like it, all of you guys! Now about the title, besides the drawing, it says ice beetle pet. Hmm...remember that pet-palooza video?

At around 0:21, you can see a glimpse of the Ice Beetle Pet. Well take a look at this:

WOAH! That's an Ice Beetle pet! Credit goes to Blaze, for this image.

Elijah Lightthief chatted with Kevin Battleblood on Skype. And Kevin said that Cody Raventhorn cropped this image. Kevin also said that KI had a dye error resulting this. We all hope that this pet will be realeased for all of us wizards, especially thaumaturges.

Please tell us for the combo! All help contributed will be grateful! I hope you enjoy this fantastic post on the drawing and the pet. Also, happy birthday to the president, Barrack Obama, and a really good in real life friend. I met KBB twice in game.

Shelby Rose: The wild goose chase was a great and awespiring experience with a bike, a wheel of cheese, a bowl of salad, a piranha, some bowties, and a huge flow of mysterious flabbergasted daleks.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade


  1. Haha, funny how things get lost in translation, eh? Sorta like that game where you send a whisper around the ring, and it comes back different!

    Yes, Elijah chatted with me on Skype. The first time I saw this image was by Cody Raventhorn, but this could also be by Blaze, just as well. In terms of KI being "lazy," I mean that KI didn't rewrite the code so that the Housing Menu shows the true colors of the pet they were looking at -- it could be the Storm or Fire Beetle in this picture, in other words!

    Awesome pic! Happy Bday to Thomas!

  2. Happy birthday for friendly :D! Darn though, i thought the ice beetle would be a real pet but guess not. Oh well i hope they add id to the game soon.


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