Friday, August 26, 2011

I hate it. I HATE it. I HAAAAAAATE IT!!!!! (Rant!)

(This is an extension psot of Concert Experience, Why steer ia, and Party Review (Mark) section Wyvern Pack.)


What do I hate?

-confusion (I always get confused.)        
-fingers nails being screeched on the chalkboard
-people that are ignoring and annoying   
-failure in tests (which is very scarce)
-good byes                                         
 -falling from a big difference in height
-people against reading books
-egg salad                                           

There are plenty more, this is just a preview. (Notice I bolded, capitialized, and underlined "Wyvern Pack.")

Oh, how much I hate this pack. You're sitting in your chair waiting for that patching screen and to press play. That wyvern stares into your innocent eyes. Well that...thing is mocking you. Everytime you're logging in, Mr. Wyvern will try to lure you into you hunting and taming it.

Sup, readers. Today I'll be talking and ranting about the dreadful Wyvern pack. Everyone obviously wants the new mount. You're in game and you're bored. Talking to some of your friends or random wizards, you decide to try some of wyvern packs, again. You're all giddy, crossing fingers, ask God for it, and hope for the mount. "BUY" and poof. No mount. Here we go again, poof-NO MOUNT I mean what are the odds??There are five different colors of them, but the wyvern just never comes to you!

This sinister pack is SO vicious. It devourers up all your crowns in a heartbeat. Shouldn't it eventually drop? Sure, but almost 3/4 of all your packs bought total are completely useless! Let's see what they are, shan't we? Gardening and regular treasure cards, seeds (including crowns), most trees, some furniture. It's only 399 crowns, but you don't know what you'll get. 399 crowns spent will quickly be turned into 5,000 wasted.

I have spent roughly 20,000 crowns on this stupid pack. I mean, really, KI? I know that you're a running business, and you need your money, but this gambling is just not good for us. It's too addicting! Why can't you throw it on a bigger scale know what you are getting rather than a having a extremely smaller chance of getting something you want not know what you'll get? Cause they are attracting younger audiences between the approximate ages of 8-15. That's just my guess. Also, they're a running business. You'll eventually run out of crowns, and buy their crowns sale. And the gambling continues. Same with real gambling in Vegas. It's messing with your minds, and it's really not good for you.

Sure it's fun for the first couple tries. You might get some good clothing, a pet or two, and obviously tons of trees and furniture, but no mount! Sooner or later, having no wyvern, you find yourself at a point. At a point of stopping. You know that this gambling isn't good. You'll get guilty. But you will relieved and just let it be. Now I'm pretty sure KI will release another pack. This whole process will repeat. Who know what it might be though? A Chinese Lung? A worm (the dragon one)? A basilisk? A Hungarian Horntail? A hydra? A Pegasus? Hopefully, not a pegasus because Ed really would like it as a school mount. Or at least a free for all mount in the crown shop.

Luckily, my 20,000 wasn't quite a waste. I started getting tired of my fire wizard getting all the good legendary gear. Besides, his backpack and treasure cards space was full. So I hopped onto my alts. And guess what? Wait, heads up, no wyvern of course. 2 permanent fairy wings! 2 pixie queens! My second teleporter! But too bad they aren't tradeable. Why? WHY??? I'll ask KI that. But the point is , try your other wizards. Who knows? I'm not encouraging you to blow your crowns like me though. Yet, I'm also not discouraging you to buy the wyvern packs. It's fun and lightning-paced, but stop at point where you need to and LIMIT YOURSELF! I hope I helped some of you gamblers out there and my friends. That's my extra 2 cents. (I gave my 2 cents already.)

Shelby Rose: Benjamin Franklin was diplomatic man, an ambassador of... La La Land!

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade


  1. Nice post and a great rant that I can totally relate to. I learned my overspending lesson with the Dragon's Hoard so I decided to only buy a few Wyvern's Hoard packs. Of the few packs I bought I got a teleporter (which is very cool), a bunch of junky stuff that I sold at the bazaar for a few pieces of gold and a bunch of (mostly ugly) trees. There will be no more Wyvern packs for me (even if they go on sale for half price).

    Sierra :)

  2. Nice post! But I think they keep making them because they are fun to use! Some people do overdo themselves. I got the bone dragon on my first try and kept doing it again because of its fun-ness. I won't get the wyvern packs because there could be more packs that are different to come! I think I might try at least 5 times to get a second teleporter, but it is better to buy the new teleporter pack for 9950 then to spend 18000 for one XD. Excellent post!

    ~Vanessa EmeraldGlade

  3. I gotta agree with you. I bought two packs and got some plants that just frustrate me, as well as a pet IMP. I went back to dragon's hoard and got a full set of gear. (One full and two two-third sets) So this is something I can relate to. Save your crowns. Save your sanity. Don't buy Wyvern's Hoard, peeps.
    (I have spoken.)


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