Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Depths of Death Part 1

     Hello, parking meter. Hellooo! D: Right, down to business. I recently soloed Emperor's Retreat on my death alt, Superior. He leveled up half of the dungeon, 22-23. So far, I surprised that Superior has gone this far without failing. I have a couple pictures to share with you. I might have exaggerated. Oh, did I tell you I exaggerate a lot? (Including that one.)

I had trouble finding my shields, resulting no shields with the encounter of ol'Krok'tep.

"Appetizers! Yummy!" I had to do two hits on Krokhotep: a fire wyvern...

and the last hit: Cranky Bones!

Shalek ordered me to me bring back the old days, where Khai, Alhaz, Khaba, and him did there business.

This is where Cody gets his "strangle." I do hope he doesn't really strangle anyone...

Then I get my Poison spell! I will use this to eradicate all there is life in Krokotopia and Marleybone! MUA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!! That was a bit too dramatic... I like doggies and manders, they're cute and calm. These spells weren't needed in my spell book, so I cleared them. I clicked on my quest list and noticed that I needed to complete more quests. I wasn't quite prepared for Tomb of Storms as I thought it would be. I think you're getting bored of these pictures. Eh well, too bad. XD. I was to recover the key from some Riverclaw guards, easy. Wait! I pitied you, so I only three pictures.

Ah, the constables. Howdy! Y'all rootin' tootin' dandy! Care for some goat cheese? Hold your horses! (They don't have horses.) Do you varmints even know what goat cheese is? Dang, sorry for calling you varmints! In return, I'll offer you some roast beef. Yes, they you go.

Y'all fell for it! So long, losers! Yes, I know I'm invisible. That's how I crush their souls.

Why, greetings, small crab, I mean Thomas Cromshell! Why are you locked? Cause I'm your father! D:
Ok, that's very weird. He's definitly not my father, but probably my Crabling pet's father.
Before I conclude this post, I'm expecting lots of votes on my poll: Which school do you think is the most populated? Please vote if you haven't. House-a-Palooza has arrived! I'm thinking of entering Ditto's contest and/or Homework in a Graveyard. I really want the Grand Fortress and the Death House for my Superior. Also, the party! It's this Saturday 8/20, 8:00 pm CST 9:00 pm EST, Realm Wu Area 1, Storm Tower port bus. Mark and I hope to see you there!

Shelby Rose: Mermaid basilisk solar helmets were being given away at the the local Renaissance fair.

 See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

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