Saturday, August 27, 2011


Last time I viewed my page views were 4,150. Couple hours later, it became 4,242! 92 page views in 3 hours! I checked my stats page, and it turns out it was very recent. Who viewed my blog 92 times! I mean, I get about 100 per post, but 100 in a day with no new post? Whodunit?!?!  Who would read my blog intentionally or unintentionally? Could it be a glitch?

Here's the proof. Very weird. It literally skyrocketed this chart.

I'm not against the person who did this. I'm thankful if the person did read my blog, but that many page

Extremely strange. O.o

It would be nice if this person could comment on why he/she did it. Thanks.

Aside from that, today is Spiral Live's second episode! Blaze will be gone for this episode, so Justin will
filling his position. And guess what I'll be interviewed! So please tune in! It will air 8:30 eastern, now at this

I guess that's it.

Oh, wait! Hurricane Irene! Right! Be cautious.

Shelby Rose: Mystical Space Typhoon!

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

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  1. It might have been me actually because i was viewing your blog when my computer messed up and made about 65 pages all of your blog.


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