Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Leap Day Today

Today is Leap Day.

The Earth contains 365.242 days per year. If you multiply the .242 by 4, your result will be a full day. 365+1=366, which is why we have an extra day every four years. It is on February and rather not other months because you will have to add on the factor of season changes, which is the reason why the astronomers have placed this day at the end of February.

Every four years, there is an extra day.

What will you do on this extra day of the year?

Me? I have to study for tests and quizzes upcoming this week.

Anyway, it is also Rare Disease Day. Check it out.

Nonetheless, KI is having a sale only for today.

At first, I thought we could all get a free Humongofrog pet. But we couldn't because the Conjurers have this as their level 58 spell and pet quest and they wouldn't like everyone hopping around with a Humongofrog everywhere.

So take advantage of this.

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  1. Today, I actually went to my friend's birthday party. :) He is younger than his younger brother if you only count leap days.
    Will 28 crowns get me anything? :P

  2. Have you been watching "The Big Bang Theory" lately?


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