Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Icecat in a Basket and the Rain of Fire! Zebras, Lions, and Rhinos Stop 3

This is the third edition of the Zebras, Lions, and Rhinos Stop!

Let's see how far I have been through the depths of the wild.

FIRST.... I encounter an elephant in a white blazer.

I'm not going to pay for that nice white blazer, Belloq.

So then I turn into an Olyphant.

Since I thought the Black Palace instance was gauntlet was easy, I didn't bring any friends with me. Also, the transformation has a 10 minute limit, so I just saved the trouble and though that this instance was easy. Therefore, I soloed it...

...with henchmens of course. I used a 70 Storm and Life.

Then I break some stones.


For the second boss, I bought a 70 Myth and Life henchmen.

Myth Treant.

Your trunk hurts. YOU ZEBRA!

So I need to find those two figures, which I do not know what kind of creatures they are.

At this point, I'm level 69 and reached Drum Jungle.
Heroic Picture of the Day: Just Epic

Aww, look at that cute little Icecat in a basket.

I can now finally get my level 68 spell, Rain of Fire.

So that's why there's an extra tower around the Spiral: to put extra bosses for spell quests.

The vivid colors of this insect is quite radiant.

I do a whooping 11k hit to it.
Then there's this thing. It looks kinda weird.
I see storm, fire, and death.

Life is in the middle.

Balance, Ice, and Myth. I wonder the order and setup is particularily like this.
Falmea tells me to go to Firecat Alley.

Heh, I'm learning about geology at the time being in science class. And when I first saw this image, I thought of plate tectonics.

And the fire within brings in life.

I think I can handle the heat.

Let's go test out that spell!

Platypus encircling, the campfire...

BOOM! Ground crumbles, dust, flames, appear...
A volcano arises..

Lava pours on enemy.


So on the next day, I attended to Digby Hexcrafter, Ditto's, 2nd Wizaversary Party.

Heh, Arlen. You were stuck in this postion for a pvp battle.

Looks like double-headed Wyvern.
The party was great!

You know, on Sunday, was my 2nd Wizaversary Party. 

I wasn't expecting too many people to come, unlike Ditto's.

In fact, I was 10 minutes late to my own party. 
In fact, my port bus didn't show up. 

But then again, I'm not as known, so I'm fine with that, and everyone else had their activities. 

It lasted about and hour and fifteen minutes. 

I was a terrible host XD.

Well at least now I know from experience, that I can be a better host in the future! 

Then I learn Colossal :D
KI has to be working on the next series of these cards.

Let's see... Strong, Giant, Monstrous, Gargantuan, Colossal...

What other synonyms of  "big" can you think of?

Shelby Rose: Here we are, once again. How can these tears still be rollin' down my face again?
See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade


  1. Congrats on getting Rain of fire and getting to drum jungle!

  2. I wonder where Belloq gets his dry cleaning done, and what stats that blazer gives lol....

  3. The party wasn't *that* bad I just wish I could have seen more than just the pets and crates :)


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