Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from Heroic Pyromancer

It's Thanksgiving, guys! Spend time with your family, and be thankful bout the things you own and what's around you!

Even Mr. Efreet gave a whooping 10k for Orin Grimcaster.

I visited Hannah to get my Indian Headdress and Turkey hat.

That's Elijah Lightthief and me after today's Waterworks run. And no, I still didn't get my boots. -.-

I'm really happy and thankful for...
  • Wizard101
  • Friends (irl, game, and skype) and family
  • A roof under my head ***EDIT I meant OVER ***EDIT
  • Clothes
  • Food and supplies
  • Heroic Pyromancer blog
  • Music around me
  • Education
I just finished my Thanksgiving dinner and it was really satisfying. Tomorrow is Black Friday, but I'll be buying LMFAO animal print pants and shufflin' shirts for myself. XD Then be out of town.

I hope you readers and friends have a fantastic holiday and Thanksgiving. Remember the pilgrims and Native Americans.

Shelby Rose: Gobble the Gobbler, it's Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!-Thunderblade
(Or Thanksgiginv for Friendly and Mistshard)


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