Monday, September 19, 2011 school

As some of you guys noticed, the poll was up and isn't now. Evan Shadow, a fan of mine, noticed that it didn't have the choice of Celestia. Since you can't edit your poll once it already has been voted, I had to remove that poll. But becuase there were only 4 votes, it's not as many.


"Then why don't you put it up again with the choice of Celestia?"

I tried, but for some reason, at my school's laptop, it's not letting me add another answer. Therefore, I will put up the poll later this day. Don't worry.

And becuase of the help of a fan, in honor of him, I am going to even blog about it on this post. Here's the comment he left me:

Evan Shadow said...
I love your blog, Wizard101, AND Doctor Who! I wish I could do something like this. You're sort of someone I look up to. :-) I don't have a Central account or a blog, so um wow! I didn't make it to the Walk, but Im glad you're hosting a Contest! Yay! I absolutely LOVE contests! I am just astounded. You're awesome!!!!!!! :-) Well, the whole reason I was making this lovely (XD) comment was because I noticed in the poll you forgot Celestia. I was going to mark it then noticed that it was missing. So I decided to compose a comment, and this came out of my keyboard. :-) I am a huge fan! I am a mute though :-( although I was never muted, just never got text chat/open. The best I have is True Friends :-/ *shrugs* How did you like The God Complex (most recent Doctor Who) I found it relatively creepy and well, sad that the Doctor dumped Amy and Rory. The next episode it with Craig from the Lodger- yay! Well, I'm going to end this with a Shelby Rose of my own: I have a sonic screwdriver! What, do you have a laser spanner too? :-) REMEMBER: Fish sticks and custard!! :-D I hope you liked this!

--Evan Shadow Master of Ice (Legendary)
Crafter Extrodinaire! JustKidding- See you in the Spiral!

In reply, Evan, if you are reading this, which I hope you are, I am truly honored and appreciated that you are fond of my blog...and Doctor Who. You can create a free blog, which is quite the ride and fun. But blogging takes time. You may get more "out there" if you enbale text chat because you can create better friends that way. I got text chat at level 55. So I would get text chat asap. If any of you readers are wondering about the Contest, it mostly likely will be released once I hit 50 followers and 5000 views. So just 4 more followers would be great! With the God Complex, I actually didn't get that far yet. I don't have BBC one or any of that. So in other words you spoiled some things lol. But it's fine, cause I'm use to spoilers, unlike the Doctor where River has that diary book...

I, in fact, have a Professor Song Future Sonic Screwdriver. I'm going to buy the 10th Doctor's sonic screwdriver for my Halloween costume. Yes, I'm going to be the 10th Doctor for Halloween :). I have yet to try fishsticks and custard.

Wow, I'm really impressed. Evan, that was a great comment you left me, maybe even the longest comment ever on this blog. Thanks!

Shelby Rose: The perposterous plight of the platypus pie was the montage of planning pastime of Pi.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade


  1. Evan Shadow-- AGAIN!September 20, 2011 at 10:50 PM

    *gets extremely happy*
    Y-y-y-yo-yo-you made a WHOLE POST about that comment? O.O! Wow that made my day. :-) Well, if you're not up-to-date on DWs go to and watch them. Best. Show. Ever. Anyways, really, THANKS!!! That is so cool to have a post about you (Friendly gets it all the time XD). I haven't made a Wizard101 blog is what I meant. This is a funny thing about me- I play Toontown Online. LOL! I actually recently made a blog on that, do you think I should start a W101 one? ( and well, [personal info] I can't get text chat. ;-( but I got a Central account yesterday! (still waiting on parent approval XD) well, that's all I've gotta say!
    Ps don't make another post on this LOLz. Either reply by comment or mention it. Thanks!

    Evan Shadow Master of Ice

    Pps ice is the opposite of fire but I LOVE this blog (fire) and my best friend is fire

    Ppps I use wordpress not blogger :-/ do u think I should switch?

  2. YOUR VERY MUCH WELCOME!! Make a wiz blog! You should switch to blogger, unless you like wordpress better, but try either way. Thanks for the links, I will definitely check those out. Awesome with Central account. I wanted one when I started wizzy. Bye for now!-Thunderblade

  3. I made one! It's not very good, though. :-/ it's blogger, and u can find it @ - it's only post is in Save Draft, so don't expect to see anything other than- The Winter Shadow. I got this from my main- Evan Shadow, and my second, Noah Wintermask! Cya in the spiral!


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