Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wizard Drawing-Nicholas Lionrider, 5000 VIEWS, and WEIRD TIMES

Hey, readers! It has been a while since I have drawn a wizard. I don't know why I suddenly paused from it, but now I have gotten back to it. Today, I have Nicholas Lionrider of Lionrider King as wizard drawing today. It was really fun to draw you, Nick.
Now that I have 2/5 of Spiral Live crew... I will need to draw the other three. They are Amber Rosepetal, Justin Shadowblade, and Talon Thunderblade. Yes, I have to draw myself lol. BUT! I have to Vanessa Emeraldglade before that. So here is the order:

Vanessa Emeraldglade (drawing atm)
Amber Rosepetal
Justin Shadowblade
Talon Thunderblade (me)
Bailey Skystaff (Bailey, I hope you understand the delay.)
Mark Stormhunter
Quinn Dragonwhisper
Diana Wildheart
Victoria Spiritblossom
Elijah Lightthief

Each drawing takes about 2 hours. I know that's a lot, but that includes some idling on wizard because I am on wizard at the same time when drawing. But if my siblings don't eradicate my existence then the time it will take will be faster. I hope you guys understand. Oh, and Blaze Shadowhorn, could you get Spiral Live (you) to follow my blog lol?


O.O 5000 views. I'm impressed guys. Thank you very much. I will be releasing the FUN MAZE of the WYVERN of FIRE WATER probably this week and spill the dates on a later post. Thanks again. 5000 views post will continues along.

About a week ago, Victoria Spiritblossom, Smart Allec Wizard, visited my Sunken Palace. With the awesomeness of my house, there was a glitch. When the loading page opened. I saw this.

It's the Vashta Nerada! Quick, check if you have two shadow behind you!

The "Piranhas of the Air" have been dwelling here for quite a while.

That's what I call "pitch black" except the blue water part.

Am I...sitting on nothing while playing the piano??

Again, check if you have two shadows. If you have no chance of suriving. Good luck with that!

Harry Potter seems to have misplaced his invisiblity cloak! That's because I stole it! Speaking of Harry Potter, did you notice the favicon (logo) I have up now? It stands for three things: Harry Potter, Heroic Pyromancer, and the computer company HP. And actually, the netbook I carry around school is a HP coincidentally. Wait, I don't believe in coincidences, nevermind then, ponder on.
Another weird time was in Pegasus Place


I think it's supposed to be a Fire Minion. So a Fiery Judge.

I'm missing my foe and dueling ring! How I'm supposed to face them?

Oh and Sierra Moondust, a dear good friend, has returned back to the blogosphere! Please go visit her blog please! We would be so happy if you followed her blog. Thanks! And you remember my fan Evan Shadow, right? Well, he has a blog on wizard now! Go check it out and follow it please!

Well I hoped you enjoy today's post. School's been great so far, in fact, tonight is the Back-to-school-night. Great. Then picture day tomorrow, fantastic.

Shelby Rose: Carnivorous balloons attacked and derailed the Autons for sport.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade


  1. Good post twin :) Sorry about the following delay :) Will do that now XD

  2. I moved to wordpress :-I I like the layout and stuff more. Http:// also, can u maybe make a wizard drawing of me? It's ok if u would have to know me irl or something- I can just trace a screenshot lol. Ur blog rox! Lol

  3. lol nice glitches! cant wait to see the drawings too! you're a good drawer, better than me! at least in drawing wizards ;)

  4. Glad you started drawing again. I hope your siblings cooperate so you can get them done quickly. You have a pretty long list but I know you love drawing!

    Thanks for mentioning my blog!

    Sierra :)


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