Thursday, October 20, 2011

No more packs for Piano Man

I cannot stress how much I hate the gambling packs. I really don't. I have gotten copies of a lot of pets from the Nightmare Pack. I have spent way too much time on this stupid pack. It's only been a couple days. Sure, some people love it, but enough is enough for me. In fact, I have, (I don't want to say this) not 2, not 3, but Nightmare mounts. I feel really guilty right now. I will stop even though I really want the tapestry and staff, I have stopped. No more for the Piano Man, no more. Roll the frivolous tape... (I feel so ashamed.)

3rd Golden Armored Skeleton

My last pack. There.

Well, I did get another Lightning Bat, another Red Ghost, and another Ghost Hound. I did get the Myth Banshee.
Even though I didn't get the staff. I've burned way too much crowns. I mean, what are the chances of getting 4 Nightmare mounts, but no staff??

I digress.
Don't waste your crowns. You can still try though, this pack is for a limited time. Oh, and try buying it on your alts. It worked for me.

Shelby Rose: No more packs for Piano Man.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

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    4 NIGHTMARES 4?!?! THATS OUTRAGEOUS! Why does the universe love you?? gahhhh i hate these packs they are so addicting but so maddening at the same time oh why oh why oh why cant i get one freakin mount first it was the dragon packs, then wyvern packs and now THIS? LIKE WOW!! I never get the mounts well at least not the main ones only side mounts like wings and stuff, i get clothes wands and stuff but no mounts sorry talon i am ranting and ranting here but i just have frustration in me cause yea oh well sorry about putting this negative comment its just i hate those packs SO MUCH I WISH PACKS NEVER EXISTED!! sry for the rant again ;) you know i dont really hate you


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