Thursday, February 9, 2012

Raven Hoard Rave and Zebras, Lions, and Rhinos Stop 2

Hey, readers...

Now I know that I haven't been blogging as much lately.

I don't know why I haven't been on wizard as often.

Although I have been questing quite a lot in Zafaria, but before I show my progress on that, let's see my rave on the ludicrous raven packs, which I spent on on the first week it came out.

Note: I have plently of screen shots of other raven packs. I didn't include them becuase the items weren't as significant as the ones here.

Boots, Firewing

Same boots


Bow, two ice pets


Same seed


Different bow
Storm Bird

Yes, I DID get the Blood Raven

I received the mount from my life alt Brilliant Shelby Dragonriver.

Ice Bird, same boots

Now I have TWO Blood Ravens o_o... boots..

Yeah, both Blood Ravens received on life alt

Same boots and hat
Finally the robe


Same robe



Seed again...

Sun Bird

Artic Ninja Pig



She actually looks kinda cute XD

Well anyway, now with this "Pack-a-Palooza" has arrived, all packs in the crowns shop are up to 50% off.

T_T Another way to blow all your crowns off...

I mean, I spent so much on all those previous packs...

In addition to the torture, there's a NEW pack

The Kirin Hoard Pack.

I know that the hoard pictures are boring you, so I will feature that on my next post.

As for now, let's what I've been up to in Zafaria...

I completed the Savannah, Zamunda Outskirts, and Zamunda.

End of Savannah

Great view of the beginning of Zamunda Outskirts.

This dead zebra king looks kinda cool.

Awesome glitch- King Zeus enlarged like 30 times bigger.

And I have no idea what this is, but it's flashy.

So are these blue spears.

Gargantuan card glitch.

The skin of this Rhino reminded me of the white animal print pants XD.

Oh yeah, here's the whole Raven outift.

And I had an exact outift picture here with Sean.

I let Victoria have a go with my Raven, which I name thee "Crimson".

Do you see how close I am till level 66?

Love the ghostly zebras

On to Stone Town...
The sun's setting with a gleam...
Why don't we visit the zoo?

Red Gobblers...

Frost Cats...


King Zeus' relatives..

And the Silverback Wildclaw.
Avalon and Polaris. Did anyone catch this the first time they quested?

Well anyway, I'm here to say I'm back. I will return back to drawing wizards and posting.

And before I leave, it turns out my Wizaversary is on Monday, February 13! I started in 2010, which means two years of wizardry :D

I'll do something special.

Shelby Rose: There are things in the universe that are fixed in time.

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

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