Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Superior's Crimson Field Run

So far on Superior Cody Dragonrider's adventures in MooShu...

Cody has been venturing through Hametsu Village and Tatakai Outpost. And recenetly, he has completed the Crimson Field...solo. Yes, the journey of soloing bosses has so far been successful.

Let's see what he there...

Honestly, Katsumori looks ugly, but cool at the same time.

None shall pass.
Then I level up to 38.

You see, the warlords Katsumori, Ideyoshi, and Kagemoosha are possessed by the demon Oni's, so they're actaully good.

Time for War Oni

Now I AM level 39, meaning I could not possibly play a Wraith card, but I did play the Wraith Treasure Card.
And it does a whooping 3,000 damage.
I foudn the Mooshu book in War's dwellings really interesting.

That makes me wonder why there aren't any dragons in MooShu.... Have they all migrated to Dragonspyre..?
After that, I continue towards Cave of Solitude. Therere I meet Anthony Darkthief, who apparently was working on the same quest as me. From that point on, we became good friends. Coincidentally, he was soloing bosses as well. Despite the fact that he did need help for Meowarity and a henchman for Dr. Katzenstein, it is a great accomplishment. Anthony is a necromancer, just like me.
I collect the shaft.

Oh, I remember Kanago! I even remember his class! I think it's because I drew him while I was beating him with my fire wizard...

I think that deserves a Heroic Picture of the Day: Cody playing a riff to you.

I receive the other half.

And I level up to 39! Just one more level to wear that hat...
Well, I guess this wraps another edition of Heroic Pyromancer! And I hope you guys are ready for school because I've been rapciously, anxiously waiting for it :)!
Shelby Rose: Pilot is to airplane as Pirate is to ship.
See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade  

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