Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sun-dappled News... Weirwood this, Weirwood that!

In love?

Old Green has sun-dappled news!

Avalon talks about Weirwood a lot. Is it implying that it might be the next world? It also says there's a cottage in the Wild.... We can expect the nice part of Weirwood to look like the Wild..

But over at central, the Wild is Weirwood, a forest.

I do wish it was a world, but since in Wysteria, there was a portal to Weirwood that leaked the goblins and Avalon has goblins, there wouldn't be much to creat for the Weirwood world. The scenery would be quite similar between the two, and there wouldn't be much of a storyline for Weirwood because Avalon has the greater storyline scenario.

Anyway, I finally meet the weasel/fox dude with the watermelon lute.

I get the badge "Presser of Froudlings".

And an earthquake shakes some things up.

This dryad isn't like the spell, regardless of height.

Old Green Beard's pretty tall.

That's it for now readers.Gotta go.

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